Arlington Million with Rent the Races

The F Bombs - Rent the Races Arlington Million1

Holy moly, I’m back everyone!! It feels good and thank you all so much for sticking around while I took this little blog hiatus. I haven’t been completely gone, I’ve been posting every day on Instagram so if you want to see what I’ve been up to, head over there! I really am going to work on bringing you all fabulous blog content so thank you all for allowing me this break. It’s been refreshing and much needed since life has been crazy! (More about that in a future post)

So why am I back?! Because of Rent the Races!! I don’t know if you remember a post a while back I did about Rent the Races but as the Arlington Million approaches, Rent the Races contacted me so we could do a post together about their fabulousness! (Keep reading because I have a DISCOUNT CODE!!)

The F Bombs - Rent the Races Arlington Million6


Dress: The Limited (Love this!)  |  Facinator: Rent the Races (c/o)  |  Shoes: Old (Similar)  |  Purse: Charming Charlie’s (Love this!)

The F Bombs - Rent the Races Arlington Million3

The F Bombs - Rent the Races Arlington Million4

So you all know how much I LOVE Rent the Runway, right?! I mean, renting designer dresses instead of buying them? YES PLEASE! Well, this is exactly the concept for Rent the Races except you rent the most fabulous and beautiful hats and fascinators! #BRILLIANT right?!

I mean, how many times have you been to a racing event, bridal shower, or wedding where you needed a hat but you didn’t want to spend a crap ton of money on something you probably will never wear again? I can tell you I’m totally guilty of that and  I’ve been to a few events where I’ve even attempted a DIY hat and failed miserably!!

The F Bombs - Rent the Races Arlington Million5

The F Bombs - Rent the Races Arlington Million7

The F Bombs - Rent the Races Arlington Million8

So this week we are celebrating the Arlington Million at the Arlington Race Track and I’m so excited to share a special code with all of YOU!! Right now until the end of the day you can get a hat on Rent the Races for 10% off with code fbombs10!! Even if you don’t plan on going to the Arlington Million (but seriously, why wouldn’t you go because it’s so much fun!!) you should rent a hat and have a fantastic weekend. I mean at 10% off it’s a why not moment!

Oh and while we are talking money and all. The fascinator I’m wearing is only a $30 rental – yes only $30 – and with 10% off it’s a STEAL!! What I love most about Rent the Races is that everything is taken care of for you. In your adorable hat box you’ll find a return label so when you are done with your event, you just stick that label on the box and send it back – it’s that easy!!

The F Bombs - Rent the Races Arlington Million9

I’m telling you ladies and gents this company is amazing! And not only because you can rent beautiful pieces but because the folks running the company are so sweet! Now-a-days when the world is so mad at each other, I love supporting nice people. The customer service is hands down the best and really, just supporting a business like this makes me happy. So do yourself a favor and head over to Rent the Races now – you will not be disappointed!

And HUGE thank you to Rent the Races for not only the fabulous fascinator but for getting me back to writing a blog post again!! I may not be the best writer but I love it! Thank you for reading and thank you as always for your love and support!!

PS…Don’t forget to use cod fbombs10 at checkout!!

The F Bombs - Rent the Races Arlington Million2



Off the Shoulder Trend

The F Bombs - Off the Shoulder Trend - 2

The off the shoulder trend has been my jam this season and I want to share one of my favorite looks from t+j Designs.

Not going to lie, this is going to be a short post (like it end right here) but I just couldn’t not share this fab top!! It’s perfect for the weekend so let’s get it started…3…2…1…HAPPY WEEKEND!!!

The F Bombs - Off the Shoulder Trend - 5

Top: t+j Designs  |  Jeans: Old Navy  |  Shoes: Old (Similar)  |  Purse: t+j Designs  |  Sunnies: t+j Designs

The F Bombs - Off the Shoulder Trend - 1

The F Bombs - Off the Shoulder Trend - 6

The F Bombs - Off the Shoulder Trend - 3

PS…Can we talk about this adorable lip purse?! This whole outfit makes me smile! Oh and this top would look amazing with white jeans too!!

The F Bombs - Off the Shoulder Trend - 7

The F Bombs - Off the Shoulder Trend - 4

The F Bombs - Off the Shoulder Trend - 9



Spring Midi Skirt

The F Bombs - Spring Midi Skirt - 5

As you probably know by now Midi skirts are my JAM and lately I have been dying over this Spring Midi Skirt from t+j Designs. It’s colorful, the fabric is thick (but not too thick), and it’s just all around the perfect midi for the spring.

Now, you probably have seen me in this already if you follow me on Instagram but it’s officially making it’s debut on the blog today. I have been wearing this skirt way before it was launched on the t+j Designs site and I’m so excited that it’s finally here for you all to purchase!!

The F Bombs - Spring Midi Skirt - 6

Skirt: t+j Designs  |  Sweater: Old Navy (Similar)  |  Shoes: DSW (The EXACT pair!)  |  Sunnies: t+j Designs

The F Bombs - Spring Midi Skirt - 4

The F Bombs - Spring Midi Skirt - 8

Seriously though, look really closely at these pictures. What do you see on the ground? Yep folks, that’s snow so you can imagine when these photos were taken!! In fact I think it’s been almost 4 months since these pictures have been taken so it’s been 4 months of me just dying inside because I wanted to share! I mean, can you blame me?!

I decided I didn’t want to be Plain Jane and pair this skirt with a normal black or white tee and when I was trying to pair it with something I randomly chose this black and white polka dot sweater. I have to say it was completely by accident but sometimes outfits just create themselves and this was one of them!

Pattern mixing is one of my all time favorite things to do with an outfit (I even wrote some tips on pattern mixing last spring) so this outfit might be one of my favorites! So enjoy this fun outfit and be sure to check this skirt out on the t+j Designs website – I can almost guarantee it won’t last long and you do not want to miss out!!

The F Bombs - Spring Midi Skirt - 2

The F Bombs - Spring Midi Skirt - 1

The F Bombs - Spring Midi Skirt - 3



Derby Style

The F Bombs - Derby Style - 1 (1)

Call me old fashioned but I LOVE the Derby. There is something really awesome about traditions that last decades long and I wish I could make “going to the races” a weekly thing! Side note, this is the reason I love golf too. Not only am I good at golf (fun little Brittany fact) but I love that some golf traditions have been around since the beginning of the sports existence. Call me an old soul but I love it all!

The F Bombs - Derby Style - 4

Dress: Dillards (LOVE this!)  |  Shoes: Kohl’s (Similar)  |  Fascinator: Rent the Races  |  Earrings: t+j Designs

The F Bombs - Derby Style - 1

There is a race track in the suburbs of Chicago called the Arlington National Race Track (check out the post I did last year!) but a normal day at the track isn’t as crazy as one might think. A normal day at the track for some folks might be jeans and a tee shirt – a normal day at the track for me is a cute sundress – but there are special days (like the Kentucky Derby) where people dress up. Those days, are MY days!!I am totally obsessed with the idea of dressing up and wearing a hat and I’m pretty much convinced I should live in Europe and go to Royal Weddings ALL THE TIME.

The F Bombs - Derby Style - 2

The F Bombs - Derby Style - 5

Speaking of wearing hats in Europe, the last time I wore this dress was at my BFF from high school’s wedding in Ireland. I had the cutest black fascinator and I seriously was in fashion heaven. The wedding hats and fascinators were amazing (of course not as amazing as the bride!) but I felt like I was right at home.

This fascinator comes from the BRILLIANT company called Rent the Races. When my boss Jen asked me to be a part of a photoshoot about Derby Fashion (see a few fun pictures below) I knew I had to have a fabulous hat. Only problem is hats, especially Derby hats, are usually REALLY expensive. I didn’t want to buy a hat just for the photoshoot so I was determined to find a more cost effective option. After a few rounds of Google I found Rent the Races and I could not have been happier!! This company was AMAZING!!

There are so many hat and fascinator options – seriously any color and style you are looking for they have – and their customer service is phenomenal!! I cannot recommend them enough and I will for sure be using them in the future.

So how does it work?! It’s exactly like Rent the Runway. Find a hat, rent it for 4 or 8 days, wear the hat in all your fabulous glory, and send it back with the prepaid label they send you – it’s just that easy! So for Derby themed Bridal Showers or the Derby it’s self, this company is perfect!! (And for the record, this is not a collaboration with them. Rent the Races did not pay me to say any of this, I just really love the company!) So thank you Rent the Races, you all are BRILLIANT!!

The F Bombs - Derby Style 10 - 1

Here’s the photoshoot I was telling you about! #SquadGoals

The F Bombs - Derby Style - 1 (2)

The F Bombs - Derby Style - 3 (1)

The F Bombs - Derby Style - 2 (1)



My Mom is a Gem with JTV

This post is sponsored by JTV. I was paid for this post and received a JTV necklace for me, my mom and one to giveaway.

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 5

Well folks, thanks to technical difficulties, this is the second draft of this lovely post but I am so excited to be teaming up with Jewelry Television today to talk all about my how my Mom has influenced my life and, of course, do a little giveaway!

Those that know my Mom would probably agree that she is a pretty amazing human being. She can throw a killer party, she has impeccable taste in just about everything, but most importantly she’s a beautiful person to be around. She’s funny, loving, and one of the most generous people I know, and I think I speak for my sister when I say we wouldn’t be here without her.

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 1

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 6

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 4

Whenever my Dad gets compliments on how my sister and I were raised he never fails to say it wasn’t him, it was my Mom, who raised my sister and I to be the women we are today. My Dad worked his butt off for his family and was constantly traveling the country growing his business. This meant he would sometimes miss days and weeks on end while my Mom was at home with us. We are so lucky that my Dad made those sacrifices and we are also so lucky our Mom made the choice to stay home with us as well.

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 10

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 11

Being a Stay-at-home Mom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and without hearing my Mom ever complain, I know it wasn’t easy. My Mom was there every single drop off and pick up at school, she volunteered at our school every second she could, and she checked our homework every single night all while keeping our household clean, fed, and organized (and oh man is my Mom the Queen of organization!!) When my Dad was on a business trip and there was a broken toilet, who fixed it? Mom. When there was a dead mouse in the attic, who went up there and got rid of it? Mom. Who deserved that glass of wine at the end of the day? MOM!! To say I’m honored to be her daughter is an understatement and I really have no words for the love I have for my Mom. I believe I am an independent woman (probably to fault sometimes, just ask my hubby) because of my Mom.

Thank you Mom for always being there. Thank you Mom for loving me through high school because Lord knows that wasn’t easy. And thank you Mom for influencing everything I do.

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 8

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 2

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 7

So this Mother’s Day I wanted to do something special and I cannot thank JTV enough for giving my Mom and I matching necklaces that are to die for!! JTV is the PERFECT place to go for Mother’s Day because of their beautiful fine jewelry and gemstones and I’m totally obsessed with this Amethyst and Topaz necklace. This piece is great for the every day but it’s also perfect with an evening gown and you know I love an accessory piece with duel purpose!! Oh and you can bet I’ll be rocking this sparkly gem on Mother’s Day!

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 3

Speaking of Mother’s Day, you don’t have a present for your Mom yet? Not a problem!! If you place your order by May 5th JTV can still have your order shipped to Mom by Mother’s Day!! There are tons of Mother’s Day gift options so hop online and get your Mamma her gift now – I promise you she will LOVE whatever you pick out!!

But Brittany, I really want that beautiful Amethyst piece, how can I get it!? Not a problem, just enter this giveaway!! To enter the My Mom is a Gem Sweepstakes:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The giveaway ends 5/7/16 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT. Open to legal residents of the US/DC who are 18+ yrs of age. For full details see Official Rules. ·

Good luck! I’ll be announcing the winner on or about May 13, so make sure to check back then!


The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 12

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 9

Until then, happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and all the other Mothers out there! We (your children) appreciate you and cannot thank you enough for the love and sacrifices you have made. LOVE YOU MOM!!

The F Bombs - My Mom is a Gem - 4

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Floral Spring Top

The F Bombs - Floral Spring Top - 5

Oh the life of a part time blogger – it’s an interesting one! In this post you will notice that none of the pictures go together. I know, total rookie first year of blogging move but you guys, sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Let me explain.

When Jen, Shannon, and I took these pictures a week ago we couldn’t find the right spot for this adorable top. We tried four different spots on one street until giving up and moving on. We then found this alley way near where we were eating so Jen could take some pictures and decided to take a few more of me. FINALLY we found some pictures that worked but by that point, I was so pictured out (and wanted to eat! haha) that I said I was ok with just a few pictures.

The F Bombs - Floral Spring Top - 4

Top: Sanem’s  |  Jeans: Old Navy  |  Shoes: Sole Society c/o  |  Sunnies: t+j Designs  |  Wallet: Kate Spade (Similar)  |  Earrings: t+j Designs

The F Bombs - Floral Spring Top - 6

Now, if I was a full time blogger, this outcome would have been extremely different. I would have found a spot that worked perfectly with this top and taken thousands of pictures until we got at least eight good ones to make a post. But the world of a part time working girl blogger is much different. Sure, I could have asked my husband to take pictures on the weekend but these days, I’m trying to save the weekends for a picture free zone. (Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll beg Mac to take some pictures sooner or later, but for now, he’s off the hook)

So why am I telling you this sob story? No real reason but to tell you, I may look like I can do it all but sometimes I just can’t. I love my job and it takes up a lot of my time so blogger has become something of an after thought. I LOVE writing (even though I’m not the best at it) and I will never give up this blog but just know, we can’t do it all. At some point something has to give and if I’m only writing one blog post a week, hopefully you all will understand! I love you all and will never stop but this gal has to get her sleep sometime!!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram because I post there at least once a day – if not twice – so you will not miss out on my fashion and life journey!

The F Bombs - Floral Spring Top - 1 The F Bombs - Floral Spring Top - 2

Oh and I do want to start getting into more lifestyle posts again. Do you have any ideas? Maybe a few wedding planning posts? Workout posts? What do you want to see? Let me know! I love hearing everyone’s feed back!

And thank you for staying with me during the growing pains! Like I said, I’ll never stop blogging (or taking snaps of my outfit and life!) and I appreciate the love and support as always!!

The F Bombs - Floral Spring Top - 3



Randolph Street Market Pink Coat

The F Bombs - Randolph Street Market - 3

Well folks, you can call it a blonde moment or just blame it on how busy I am but I apologize for the technical difficulties on this post!! Here I thought everything I wrote was saved and the post was ready to go but instead, I published a post with only a few words and all pictures. Sheesh! How silly could I be? Oh I know, how about I didn’t notice it until three days later!? #INeedADrink

ANYWAY, the whole point of this post was to tell you about this amazing coat that I found while at the Randolph Street Market in March. It’s vintage, it’s amazing, and I’m so excited to share with you all!!

The F Bombs - Randolph Street Market - 2

Coat: Vintage (Randolph Street Market)  |  Top: Old Navy (Similar)  |  Jeans: Old Navy  |  Shoes: Hush Puppies  |  Necklace: t+j Designs  |  Sunglasses: t+j Designs  |  Purse: Le Boutique Shop

The F Bombs - Randolph Street Market - 8

So what is the Randolph Street Market? Well, it’s pretty much the coolest place on earth of course! No but really, it’s a massive antique/flea market with over 100+ designers, vintage collectors, merchants and vendors of all kinds coming together in both an indoor and outdoor space to show off their goodies. Now, the out door market isn’t open all year long and when we went in March it wasn’t exactly outside market weather but it’s still equally impressive inside!

When my Mother in Law came to town we decided we needed to do a little something on Saturday morning so we drove the very short 3 min drive down the street to the market. Almost immediately we found vintage books we just had to have and the buying didn’t stop there! We found art for our walls, yummy artisan food to eat, personalized poems in just 15 min, and of course this epic jacket.

The F Bombs - Randolph Street Market - 7

The F Bombs - Randolph Street Market - 6

I saw the jacket while Mac and his Mamma were looking at some artwork and even before I looked at the price tag, I was trying on the jacket. However, I was already wearing my hot pink J. Crew coat so I really didn’t need another pink coat but the second I put this puppy on, I knew it had to be mine.

Mac and Tassie (Mac’s Mom) turned around from the artwork and told me I had to have it and I was able to work out a little deal with the vendor. She was so sweet and told me the jacket was made for me so of course, I just had to buy it! It was a steal and so perfect for the transition from our weird winter into our weird spring.

The F Bombs - Randolph Street Market - 5

The F Bombs - Randolph Street Market - 4

I’m usually not successful when it comes to flea/antique markets because I don’t have the vision for certain items but this jacket was one of those pieces you just can’t pass up! We had a number of those “can’t pass up” items while strolling through the market and we left exhausted and with so many goodies!!

So if you can, head down to the Randolph Street Market this summer! It takes place every last Saturday and Sunday of the month and I promise, it will not disappoint and hey, you might even see me there, what more do you need!?

The F Bombs - Randolph Street Market - 1

Oh and ps…these shoes are so amazingly comfy!! They are from Hushpuppies and I’m seriously so obsessed! If you are looking for great shoes to wear with anything this spring and summer, these are it! PLUS they would make great flea market shoes because they are like walking on air! So shoes and vintage coats, I’m a happy gal indeed!!



Lemon Skirt

The F Bombs - Lemon Skirt - 1

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know how obsessed I am with this lemon skirt. In fact, it might be a sickness on how much I wear this beauty but can you blame me?! It’s the perfect skirt for spring and summer and you can bet I’ll be rocking it all season(s) long!!

Of course it’s from t+j Designs, let’s be honest, do I wear anything else these days?! And not only is it under $100 it’s completely on trend. The lemon design is all original and you know how much I adore a midi skirt!

So enjoy this short post as I’m on my way to Atlanta for the Atlanta Apparel market to show t+j Designs!

PS…enter to win a $500 shopping spree from t+j Designs!! I mean, what more does a girl want?!

The F Bombs - Lemon Skirt - 4

Skirt: t+j Designs  |  Top: Old (Similar)  |  Shoes: Steve Madden (Love these!)  |  Necklace: t+j Designs  |  Purse: t+j Designs

The F Bombs - Lemon Skirt - 6

The F Bombs - Lemon Skirt - 5

The F Bombs - Lemon Skirt - 3

The F Bombs - Lemon Skirt - 2

The F Bombs - Lemon Skirt - 7



Champagne Diet

The F Bombs - Champagne Diet - 5

I’m not sure why but this week I have been extra tired so I am going to apologize ahead of time for a short blog post. I know, all of my posts have been short lately but really folks, my life just isn’t super exciting! I guess Mac and I are an old married couple because there are weekends where I literally do not want to do anything!

However, after this week of me being so exhausted – seriously, I have no excuse, I don’t have any kids – I think a champagne diet is just what the doctor ordered!

The F Bombs - Champagne Diet - 3

Tee: t+j Designs (On sale!!)  |  Jeans: Old Navy  |  Cape: Sole Society (Loving this!!)  |  Sunnies: t+j Designs  |  Necklace: t+j Designs  |  Purse: Le Boutique Shop (Similar)  |  Booties: Shoe Dazzle (Similar)

The F Bombs - Champagne Diet - 2

The F Bombs - Champagne Diet - 1

Every time Jen and I take pictures for either t+j or our own personal blogs I love the pictures. Then there are random times where we are quickly taking some pictures and a truck driver pulls over to ask if we are models where I am totally head over heels in love with the pictures! This ladies and gents, is one of those times!

The F Bombs - Champagne Diet - 8

The F Bombs - Champagne Diet - 6

This outfit isn’t anything crazy it’s basically jeans and a t-shirt but sometimes, those are the best outfits. I know Mac loves me being causal and I have to say, I’m so loving it! This cape is no longer available on Sole Society but don’t worry, I linked another really fun one and of course this tee can be found on t+j’s site.

The F Bombs - Champagne Diet - 7

The F Bombs - Champagne Diet - 9

The F Bombs - Champagne Diet - 4

So what did we learn today? This weekend needs to consist of a champagne diet and jeans and a t-shirt! Happy weekend everyone!!

PS…now until Sunday this tee is on sale for $26!! Run don’t walk to the t+j website!!




The F Bombs - Feathers - 3

I’ve been waiting to share this outfit for awhile and I’m so excited to finally write a blog post about it!! I mean, let’s be honest, there isn’t too much to say about this amazing top because the pictures really do the talking but let’s take a moment and discuss.

First of all, I love the black. It can be dressed down with jeans like I have here or it can be dressed up with white jeans or leather pants, either way, it will look amazing! It actually brings a level of chic to your jeans outfit. In fact, this top would be super cute with a pair of shorts and sandals!! (Mother Nature, did you hear that?! This top would be amazing with SHORTS!!)

The F Bombs - Feathers - 5

Top: t+j Designs  |  Jeans: Old Navy  |  Heels: DSW (Exact Pair!!)  |  Sunnies: t+j Designs  |  Earrings: t+j Designs  |  Purse: Le Boutique Shop (Love this!)

The F Bombs - Feathers - 1

The F Bombs - Feathers - 4

Ok. Now that I’ve had a sturn talking with Mother Nature (seriously, she needs to get it together!) this top is a must have for the spring and summer! In fact, this top is one of 4 in this feather collection so you can have one for every month of each season! My fabulous bosses at t+j Designs have designed not only this black top but also a plaid, flamingo, and wait for it… a LEMON feather top!! #Obsessed

Oh and let’s talk about the BLING you can add to this! Because it’s a solid black you could go crazy with the statement pieces and you KNOW t+j has got you covered!! I know, I know, I’m totally head over heels with where I work – sue me! :)

The F Bombs - Feathers - 6

The F Bombs - Feathers - 7

But in all seriousness, check out t+j Designs for the cutest spring collection and as always, stay tuned for more fun items coming soon!!

Oh and stay tuned for Thursday’s post!! It’s all about champagne!!

The F Bombs - Feathers - 2

t+j Designs Black Feather Top



Climb that Ladder

The F Bombs - Up on Top - 2 (1)

If you have seen my Instagram lately you know that there is this amazing lemon skirt that I have been wearing lately but did you know that it’s a part of a whole collection!? Yes ladies and gentleman, there is a whole collection of lemon items for this spring and it is A-MAZING!!

Now, for the longest time I was convinced that I didn’t look good in yellow but then I wore this yellow lace Reem Acra dress for one of our friend’s weddings a few years ago and since then, I’ve been hooked! I have a ton of yellow now (you can check out this post and this post for some fun yellow outfits) and when I saw this new lemon collection, I freaked!!

The F Bombs - Up on Top - 4

Top: t+j Designs  |  Tee: t+j Designs  |  Jeans: Old Navy  |  Shoes: Sole Society  |  Sunnies: t+j Designs  |  Lemon Clutch: t+j Designs

The F Bombs - Up on Top - 1 (1)

I’m also totally LOVING the off the shoulder trend this spring and summer too!! No matter how much weight I gain or lose (I lost a ton of weight for the wedding and have no put it all back on post wedding) I have always been a huge fan of my shoulders. I know, it totally sounds vein but it’s true, I love my shoulders!! So this off the shoulder trend is right up my alley!

What I love about this top too is that you can dress it up with a fun midi skirt OR you can totally dress it down with jeans like I did here. This top would also look killer with some white jeans and yellow pumps but either way you do it, you’ll totally be adorable AND on trend this season!!

The F Bombs - Up on Top - 3 (1)

I also had to throw in a few pictures with one of my favorite tees t+j has designed because well, I love whiskey!! Funny story about this tee!

I was walking in the airport at 6am on my way to Vegas for a work trip and as I get up to TSA the agent checking my boarding pass takes a second, looks up, gives me this kind of smirk, and goes “Wait, what makes you frisky??” I was so tired I totally forgot what shirt I had on and after a second or two I went “Ooooh Whiskey!!” And his response was, “Well, I’ll get you a barrel then!” Oh my word!! Haha! I could not stock laughing as I was walking through that security line!! I’m telling you, every time I wear this tee I get someone making a funny comment like that and I’m not going to lie, I love it!!

So bring on the barrel of whiskey folks!! This gal is ready to party! :)

The F Bombs - Up on Top - 2

The F Bombs - Up on Top - 1

The F Bombs - Up on Top - 3



I Heart Bowie

The F Bombs - I Love Bowie - 1

My goodness!! I’m so sorry that my posts have been so inconsistent lately everyone but I have been so busy that I’m lucky to get a post in here or there!! I really wanted to write this post to tell you all that if you aren’t following me on Instagram, you are totally missing out!! I usually post about twice a day on there and I sometimes have outfits and pictures you don’t see on here.

You can also shop my Instagram (now that I got my fixed!!) so make sure you sign up and follow me on too!! I want you all to get your shopping on and this is the best way to do so!!

So I’m sorry for all my crazy inconsistent posts, I’m really going to try to be better and as always, thank you all so much for following along on this blog journey!! I love you all!! Hugs and love!

The F Bombs - I Love Bowie - 2

Tank, Jeans, Sunnies, Scarf, Wristlet: Wantable  |  Booties: Target (Love these!!)

The F Bombs - I Love Bowie - 5

The F Bombs - I Love Bowie - 3

The F Bombs - I Love Bowie - 4

The F Bombs - I Love Bowie - 6