What to wear to your Baby Shower

Since we have family in Milwaukee, family in Milwaukee, friends in the city, and friends in the suburbs we ended up having four baby showers. I know it sounds totally crazy but instead of having a shower with 100+ people invited we had four smaller showers and it was perfect!

With four showers comes four different outfits (what did you expect!) so I wanted to share with you the three different dresses I wore. All of the dresses are from ASOS and I couldn’t have been happier with my choices! Also, I’m going to share a few tips for shower outfits with you too so let’s get started shall we?!

Chicago Cabaret Shower

I wore this adorable long sleeve floral ASOS dress (Similar) to our cabaret shower and to make it a little more casual I paired it with booties, a leather jacket, and milkmaid braids.

The booties were a fun touch as this shower was in March and I loved that I was able to take a dress and dress it down.

Milwaukee Family Shower

Notice how I don’t have any pictures here? Yeah, in the moment I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures but for this shower I wore the exact same dress (Another Similar Style) as I did for the cabaret shower but I took a more traditional approach.

I wore this dress with nude strappy sandals, a wore my hair in my signature curls, and finished off the outfit with a huge statement necklace. This shower was more traditional so I figured a more traditional take on this dress was the way to go!

Milwaukee Friends Shower

This dress is the exact style as the navy floral dress and since our theme was “rustic chic” I thought this floral pattern was perfect (Similar)!! I again went the more traditional route with how I styled this dress and went with strappy sandals, curly hair, and a statement necklace.

By the by, my Mom totally made this balloon and I am totally obsessed!!

Chicago Friends Shower

For our Chicago friends shower (our last one!) I wanted to go super dressy but also fit the “rustic chic” theme so when I found this off the shoulder floral dress from ASOS (Similar!) I knew it had to be the dress!

This dress I ended up wearing a lot – I had a Derby themed event to go to and we had one of our best friend’s weddings to attend – so this dress got a run for it’s money! Speaking of money, it was only $60 so totally worth the “investment”.

Again, I paired this dress with the same strappy sandals (when something works just go with it, right?!), and the same lose curls, but this time I went with a simple necklace as to not take away from the adorable neckline.

All in all, I was super happy with all four outfits for my showers because they were all comfy, adorable, and fit a theme – I love a theme!!

Oh and my tips for a good shower dress? Ok well I really just have two so here we go:

  1. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! If you want to wear a jumpsuit, go for it! If you want to wear a maxi dress, do it! It’s your day and people are celebrating YOU so enjoy what you wear!!
  2. Wear something a tad bit longer. I’m not saying the dresses have to be pas the knee like all of these dresses but consider the fact that you will be sitting, bending over to pick up presents, moving presents around, and probably not thinking of keeping your knees together. I have to say, going with longer dresses for our baby shower was super smart because keeping legs together is slowly becoming a struggle (thanks bump and the extra weight) and NO ONE needs to see your undies! :P

And with that, I shall end this post because what’s a more epic way to end a post than to type “undies”!



Nursery Reveal

It’s about that time folks! With 10 days until our due date it’s time for our nursery reveal! Mac and I had a blast designing the nursery for our little guy and we hope you enjoy the overabundance of pictures! (Side note, I know I’m not the best photographer but I promise to learn to use my camera correctly soon!)

So without further ado, here is Wyatt’s nursery! Oh and if you are looking to decorate a nursery, scroll on down for all of the shoppable links!

This room started off with plain white walls and no wainscoting and I have to say, Mac did an amazing job transforming this room into our dream nursery. If you didn’t read my first trimester update where I shared our nursery inspo, here is what inspired us to create this space for baby Wyatt.

A ton of decorations used in the room were items that I had in my room as a kid and I just love that! I also love that he will play with all of my favorite stuffed animals too!

We had a little “debate” on where we wanted to place the dresser/changing table and I have to say, I’m super happy with how it looks! I think where it is opens up the space (the room is rather small) and it gave us room to put some fun shelves to display some of my childhood items.

Now, before you say anything, the clown was given to me by my Grandma Marie who passed away after my first Christmas and I have always had it in every room I have had as a kiddo. She loved the song “Send in the Clowns” from the musical A Little Night Music and the clown plays that song so although it might be “creepy” to some, I just love that I get to share that song with Baby Wyatt.

Another favorite part of my room is the book case because oh my gosh look at all those books! Thanks to our amazing friends and family, they gave us books instead of cards at our showers and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

One of my favorite memories as a kid was reading books in a big rocking chair before bed with my parents and sister and I hope we can create the same memories for Baby Wyatt. Reading is so important and I cannot thank our friends and family enough for all of the fabulous books!

Oh! Also! I can’t believe I found the wooden sign that says “I Love You More”! It’s my Grammy’s favorite saying and the fact that we have it hanging in the nursery is incredibly special.

All in all, I’m so happy with how the nursery turned out and I hope you enjoyed looking at our crazy amount of pictures! I love that the nursery is simple but has a ton of special details now all we need is our little nugget to enjoy it! Bella agrees, I call this picture below “Waiting for my Brother”.

As promised, here are the links to all of the items in the nursery – most items are from Buy Buy Baby and Target!

Crib  |  Bedding  |  Sheets  |  Toy bin  |  Dresser  |  Changing pad  |  Diaper Pail  |  Changing Table Caddy  |  Lamp  |  Shelves  |  Rocking Chair  |  Pillow  |  Book Shelf  |  Wicker Bins  |  Humidifier  |  Owl Night Light  |  Vertical Wood Sign  |  Horizontal Wood Sign  |  Deer Head  |  Curtains (Similar)  |  Rug



How to Style Boyfriend Jeans While Pregnant

Well guys, I’m still pregnant. No but seriously, we are 12 days from our due date and I’m so ready!! (Ok, would I like our house to be a little bit more in order, sure! But all in all we are ready!) So in the days leading up to my due date, I plan on postings a ton of blog posts so stay tuned!

First post of the week are these adorable boyfriend jeans from Ingrid and Isabel and I’m seriously obsessed! These jeans are my new “go-to” maternity pants and I feel so stylish when I wear them but I totally understand some folks get freaked out by boyfriend jeans, so how to do wear them?

Jeans: Ingrid & Isabel c/o  |  Top: Old (Similar)  |  Jacket: Nordstrom (Similar)  |  Booties: Target (Love these!)  |  Purse: Prada

So how do you wear boyfriend jeans while pregnant? Here are my “rules” but really, it’s fashion, you don’t have to follow the “rules” just do what makes you comfortable!

1. Boyfriend jeans are baggy. Compliment the baggy bottom with a more fitted top.

2. Pair the jeans with a structured jacket for more layers

3. Roll up the bottoms of the jeans

4. Any shoe will do but my favorites to pair with boyfriend jeans are booties, strappy sandals, a classic pump, or sneakers

5.  If you wear an oversize shirt, tuck in the front! Otherwise your whole outfit will look too baggy. Tucking in the shirt keeps the outfit more structured.

6. When in doubt, pair with a simple white t-shirt and you are good to go!

7. And when pregnant, embrace the bump!! Show it off!!

So really folks, don’t get scared of the boyfriend jeans – have fun! You pregnant ladies, don’t shy away from these pants because they are baggy, love them because they are baggy and comfy!! Have fun with all the different ways you can wear these pants and as always, have fun!!

PS…our nursery reveal coming tomorrow!



Baby Shower Hostess Gift: Lemon Mint Body Scrub

I love giving gifts (as does everyone in my family) so when a shower is thrown in my honor there is no question I will be giving a hostess gift. Not only do I love giving a gift of thanks to someone who put so much time, effort, and money into a party for me, it’s the right thing to do so I always want to get a thoughtful gift that the hostess can really use.

For my bridal showers I got all of my hostesses custom made purses (we also gave bottles of liquor to the guys for our co-ed showers) but this time around I wanted to do something a little bit more creative. I made two different kind of gift baskets because my cousin Brooke isn’t 21 yet but instead of sharing all of the crazy basket details I wanted to share with you one of my favorite items in one of the baskets – Lemon Mint Sugar Scrub!

What you will need:

  • 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • zest from 1/2 lemon
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil

In a bowl, mix together sugar, coconut oil, lemon juice and zest then add 5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil and 5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil – I used doTERRA – and mix until everything is combined evenly. I added a little bit more of the lemon zest because I thought it looked cool but it’s really the easiest recipe ever!

This recipe fills three 4 oz. mason jars (I found my mason jars at Micheal’s) and since this is super easy to make, keeping these items around for a last minute gifts is probably a good idea. Humm I’m also thinking this would be a fun item that’s in our guest bathroom too! Oh the endless possibilities!

I totally failed at taking good pictures of the gift baskets but here they are below! They were super easy to put together and I’m really happy with how they turned out so take a look and I hope you’re inspired to give the gift of thanks the next time someone throws you a party!

In this gift basket I bought a box at Target and put in a bottle of rose with a personalized label, a note book (who doesn’t need a notebook), the lemon mint scrub, and a thank you note with gift card.


This gift basket was for my cousin who isn’t 21 yet and I bought a wicker basket at Michael’s then put in some cranberry banana bread, a dish towel, and then made some homemade hot chocolate mix as well as whipped cinnamon honey butter. Again, super easy and super fun to make – enjoy!



Floral Maternity Dress

Ok you guys, we are nearing the end of this pregnancy and I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t excited. At 37 1/2 weeks everything hurts, I can’t sleep, and gasp I found my first stretch mark on my belly!! I know, I know, a stretch mark is a symbol of Motherhood but man I was really hoping I wouldn’t get any!!

All in all Mac and I are just really anxious to meet our little guy and keep day dream about him – will he look like Mac or me, what will his personality be like, will he like breast feeding, will he be a good sleeper, will Bella love her brother – the list goes on and on! Although I’m nervous about actually delivering him (another question, will we have to have a c-section or will everything go “according to plan) I think we are ready. We have all the gear we need, our house isn’t a total reck anymore, and his nursery is done so really all we need is a baby!

Any predictions on when he will grace us with his presence? In the mean time, enjoy this dress from where else, ASOS Maternity!

Dress: ASOS Maternity (Similar) |  Shoes: DSW  |  Purse: Michael Kors (Similar)



Maternity Shoot with ally + b Photography

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning you know I love pictures! Ever since I can remember my life has been documented with either pictures or videos (you can take a look at our engagement shoot, wedding photos, and wedding video here!)  so when it was time to document our pregnancy I knew I had to find someone spectacular!

Now, I know NOTHING about photography (I need to take a class one of these days to get better!) but ever since our engagement shoot we have been totally and completely spoiled with amazing photography and I was REALLY particular on who I chose to do our maternity shoot. I can’t tell you how many local photographers I reached out to and stalked online because I wanted to find the right person and I’m so so so glad we ended up with Marie of ally + b Photography!

Leading up to our shoot Marie and I spoke on the phone (and tons on Facebook too!) about what we were looking for in a maternity shoot and although I had a vision I really I had nothing crazy in my mind but SUN!! Why sun do you ask?! Well, since it rained on the day we got engaged in Ireland, it rained on our engagement shoot, AND rained on our wedding day I was ready for some pictures that involved the sun and thanks to Marie she was patient enough to re-schedule our shoot two times to get exactly what we wanted – the SUN!!

With our luck after rescheduling the shoot two different times we got a crazy cold day at the end of April (I’m talking get in your car, crank up the heat and your hands are tingly kind of cold) but the sunset was perfect and that’s all that mattered! Marie was so sweet to stay out in the cold with us to get the perfect shots and as weird as it sounds, I’m so obsessed with her photography!!

I’ve always been drawn towards more artistic photographs vs. more traditional photographs and although traditional photos are great for some I like something unique and different and that is exactly what Marie gave us! Not only is she talented but she’s so incredibly sweet to boot and I’m just so happy she is a part of our lives now! She will be taking newborn photos of Wyatt when he arrives and I cannot be more excited but for now, enjoy all 18 photos from our maternity shoot. (I’m sorry for the overload, it was hard for me to narrow down my favorites!)

And thank you Marie of ally + b Photography for your talent!! Please be sure to check her blog post about our maternity session as well as her Facebook and Instagram!

And don’t worry folks, we got the “signature shot”!! It all started in the rain for our engagement shoot and we kept it going every professional shoot we have had! Thank you Marie for your patience while getting this shot and oh my gosh I LOVE the sun in the back!! 



Cold Shoulder Maternity Dress

Ok, folks, I’m not going to lie, this post will probably be super short but I wanted to share with you this awesome cold shoulder maternity dress from ASOS!

It’s taken me awhile to get behind the cold shoulder trend (mainly because I haven’t purchased any new clothes for a long time) and I have to say, I absolutely love it. I know so many people are “over” the trend already but since I’m just hopping on the band wagon, I’m totally obsessed!

Dress: ASOS Maternity (On Sale!)  |  Necklace: Lizzibeth (Similar)  |  Purse: Wantable (Similar)

This dress has been my “go to” the last few weeks of pregnancy because of how comfortable/stylish it is. The fabric is super light so it’s perfect for these crazy hot days we are having and it’s long enough were I can wear it to see customers. Professional and cute!

Oh and totally random and funny story. I wore one of my other ASOS dresses to see customers on Monday and you guys would have peed with laughter watching me get in and out of the car! I was trying to be classy and not flash everything but I also could get the right angle to get in and out of the car with my 9 month bump and it was just all around hilarious – I had to laugh at myself! So note to self, when seeing 5+ customers and having to get in and out of the car 10+ times, don’t wear a dress no matter how cute it is!




Pregnancy Update: Third Trimester

Wow! We are almost there!! At 36 weeks we only have a couple weeks left and considering the little nugget’s head is down, I’m saying he’s coming a week early!

Mac and I keep day dreaming about what he will look like, how he will act, and what kind of a baby he will be and I can honestly say we are excited for his arrival! Now, could someone come and clean our house in preparation?!

In all honesty, we are prepping the house/nursery (I’ve had my hospital bag prepped for two weeks now) so stay tuned for some baby related posts coming soon! Here’s a little bit of how we are doing in the third trimester.

Dress: Ingrid and Isabel c/o  |  Shoes: Shoe Dazzle (Similar, Similar)  |  Purse: Prada  |  Jacket: Old (Similar)  |  Sunnies: t+j Designs

How are you feeling? TIRED!! And all the time! I’m not sleeping at all – either my back hurts, I feel like I’ve ridden a horse and it’s hard to change positions, or I have to go to the bathroom (again!!) – and I’m waking up just sleepy all the time. I know this is normal but man, aren’t I supposed to be sleeping now because the baby will need me to be up every few hours?! These extra pounds are definitely getting to me (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I REALLY wish I could have worked out this pregnancy!) and getting in and out of the car for work is actually a sight to see! I know we are almost at the end but it’s incredible to think I’m going to get a little bigger before the nugget gets here – pray for me! haha

Do you have everything organized? I think we are about 90% done which makes me VERY happy!! All of the clothes have been washed, folded, and put away; the 100+ thank you notes have been written; and all we need to do is put the finishing touches on the nursery. We are trying to organize/clean the rest of the house and I think we will have that done this weekend – thank goodness!

What are you excited about? Meeting this little guy! As I mentioned above, Mac and I are just so excited to see what he looks like and how he acts. Will he look like me or Mac? Will he act like me as a baby (I was and still am a drama queen) or will he be chill like Mac? So many questions and we are just anxious so meet him!

What are you nervous about? Oh my gosh, everything!! I’m nervous about killing him – no seriously, I have Googled “how to not kill your baby”  – but I’m also nervous about raising a boy. I want him to grow up to be a man who is respectful, happy, and kind and frankly, I just hope I’m half the Mom my own Mom is. I know I will learn as we go but I just hope I’m a good Mamma!

Cravings? I’m not really craving anything! I will however, always and forever love anything sweet!

Favorite clothing item? Ooh this is tough!! During the day, dresses are probably the most comfortable but I’m loving a comfy leggings/tunic look these days as well. (Stay tuned for that look on the blog soon!) I’m also loving these joggers from Ingrid and Isabel!

All in all, I’m feeling great (just really sleepy!) and we cannot wait to meet the little guy!! Stay tuned for more fun posts coming soon!



Comfy Maternity Fashion

Ok guys, I have to be honest here, posing with the bump is super awkward!! I feel like I’ve totally lost my “blogger poses” but oh well, I’m sure it will come back once this basketball is out of me!

Side note, stay tuned for a 3rd trimester update, baby shower(s), baby shower fashion, and baby shower hostess gifts posts coming soon!! 

Anyway, I’m super excited about this look because oh my gosh is it comfy!! The pants are from Ingrid & Isabel  and I’m seriously obsessed! These days I’m all about comfy so if I can wear something that not only is stylish but casual too, I’m all about it.

Joggers: Ingrid & Isabel c/o  |  Shirt: Motherhood (On Sale!)  |  Jacket: Express  |  Shoes: Keds

What I love about joggers is you can dress them down like I did here with sparkly Ked’s OR you can dress them up with heels. I love the look of dressing up joggers for a date night with heels but these days, I’m sticking with the sneakers – sorry!

I also love this look because of the “leather” jacket. It takes the look to the next level and instead of it being super casual it elevates it to a funky look.

Really all in all, I’m so happy to have found Ingrid and Isabel because their clothes are super great quality at great prices! Although these joggers are $70 they are joggers that can be worn after pregnancy as well which is a super huge plus for me so it totally justifies $70!

I’ve had some bad experiences with expensive maternity wear and horrible quality (I’ll keep the name of the store to myself since I don’t want to bash the company but it’s a super common maternity store) and the clothes literally fell apart after only a couple of months and after spending so much money, I was super disappointed. Finding Ingrid and Isabel is a Godsend because the clothes seriously are such great quality! You will never have a problem of anything falling a part and I promise you, you will be super happy with any purchase you make!

So here’s to being comfy while pregnant ladies and stay tuned for more awesome maternity fashion coming soon!! (I’m trying to keep up but I now have so many amazing maternity clothes it’s hard to keep up the posts!!)



Bump Update: Second Trimester

Well, my second trimester has come and gone (I’m 33 weeks and in my third trimester now) so I wanted to update you all and let you know how my second trimester went. Most people say the second trimester is the best but since I was on bed rest for my Placenta Previa I’m thinking my third trimester might be my favorite.

I do have to say, I have been overwhelmed (in a good way!) with the response on my Placenta Previa post. I have received so many messages from friends and readers who went through similar very scary moments like I did and I’m so honored that my post could help them through such a difficult time. It really is a miracle to have a healthy baby and I just thank you all for the love and prayers while we went through what we did.

In good news, I am off the bed rest (yay!!) and I’m back to working and I can honestly say, I’m so relieved. When my high risk doctor said he didn’t have to see me anymore I texted Mac instantly and then celebrated with an everything bagel smothered with cream cheese – it was amazing! But don’t worry folks, I’m still being careful and taking it easy. As much as I would like to work out, I don’t think working out is in the cards for this pregnancy so what I have decided to do is get my walk on! Bella is one happy pup now that we are going on walks and I have to say, I am too!!

Below I have answered a few fun questions about my second trimester:

Sweater: ASOS (I went with the “Tall” to cover the bump)  |  Jeans: Target  |  Shoes: Sole Society (Similar) |  Purse: Prada  |  Sunnies: t+j Designs (Similar)

Did you feel sick? Nope! Thank goodness!! As I mentioned in my 1st trimester update, the second I hit the 2nd trimester I instantly felt better so no more gagging or food aversions!

How are you feeling now? Tired. But I’ll get to that when I write a 3rd trimester update in a few weeks.

Any cravings? Not at all. And I haven’t done any weird food combos too. I’m eating normal and eating eggs again which is awesome!! Oh and I’m eating chicken too!

Any food aversions? I still can’t eat breakfast casserole. Why I don’t know but it sounds so gross to me.


Have you gained any weight? By the end of the second trimester I had gained 18 lbs. which is totally on track to where the doctors think I should be. They say I’m on track to gain between 25-30 lbs. and I think they are about right! We shall see!!

Can you feel the baby? Yes! In the early stages of the second trimester I was feeling what felt like butterflies in my stomach and as the trimester went on the flutters got bigger and bigger where I knew it was the little nugget kicking! It’s such a weird feeling but it’s also very comforting especially with everything we went through to know that he’s a healthy, active baby boy in there!

Have you bought any maternity clothes? In the second trimester I was able to get away with mostly regular sweaters and a couple pairs of maternity pants. Once I get closer to the 3rd trimester and now that I’m full blown 8 months pregnant, I gave in and bought a bunch of clothes on ASOS. More about maternity clothes in a different post but I HIGHLY reccomend ASOS and Ingrid and Isabella!!

Well, that’s it for now! Stay tuned for more pregnancy related posts coming soon! (I promise I’ll get better about posting!! :P)



Bump Update: First Trimester

Since I’m already 24 weeks and just three weeks away from my third trimester (eek!) I think this First Trimester Update is WAY over-due! Thanks to our little Placenta Previa ER incident, I kept forgetting to write this post but alas, it is here! Enjoy (and if you have anymore questions, leave them down below!)

When are you due? June 11th

Did you feel sick? YES! I puked a few times (TMI I know!) and I just felt nauseous and gross all the time. I also was super tired.

How are you feeling now? AMAZING! I’m telling you, almost to the day of starting my 2nd trimester I started feeling better. As the 2nd trimester went on, the more food I was able to eat again – it’s been fantastic!

Any cravings? Not really. It was super hard for me to find a food that didn’t make me sick so really anything bland was perfect.

Any food aversions? Yes! Almost everything. I think the big two were eggs and chicken. The smell of them make me dry heave and poor Mac couldn’t figure out what to cook. We didn’t eat great while I was in the 1st trimester only because I wasn’t sure what I could and couldn’t eat until it was in front of me – there was a ton of wasted food during this time.

How tired were you? Very! I never take naps – it’s never been my thing – and I started to take naps around 3pm every day. I seriously don’t know what I would have done if I was in a regular office situation and I’m forever grateful I have a very flexible job.

Did you stop drinking caffeine? I have never been a big caffeine drinker so I wasn’t really giving up anything.

Have you gained any weight? Only 2 lbs. :) However, I wasn’t in great shape to begin with so once baby comes, I’ll be on a kick to get back to a better weight (and yes, I know that will be hard!!)

Favorite Apps or Books? There are a few apps I downloaded and my favorite has been “BabyBump”. It gives me daily and weekly updates on the progress of our little nugget and it has a space where you can take pictures to document your growth. I’ve only taken two pictures thus far but I love

Do you have a theme for the nursery? We do! To get me excited about having a boy Mac sent me a few pictures of baby boy nurseries and we are going with a blue, white, grey, and brown theme. We have completely copied this nursery with it’s wainscoting and blue stripes and I’ve already purchased wicker baskets like this nursery so stay tuned, more updates to come!

Well, that’s it for now! Stay tuned in a few weeks for my Second Trimester Update and keep your fingers crossed, I go see the high risk Doctor today in hopes that I’m cleared from this light bed rest!




My Experience with Placenta Previa








PSA: This is going to be a long post so grab a drink (or if you’re pregnant, grab a snack) and sit back, relax, and enjoy!

When my bestie was pregnant a few months ago, she kept me updated with her appointments and what was going on with the baby. After one appointment around 20 or 21 weeks (I can’t remember) she told me that her Dr. said she had Placenta Previa. Placenta Previa “means that your placenta is lying unusually low in your uterus, next to or covering your cervix” and if found early, it will most likely “move up” and there is no problem. The reason the placenta moves up is because the baby is growing and usually the only reason to worry is if you start bleeding. The bleeding was a concern my bestie had as her Dr. told her if she starts to bleed, she will have to be on bed rest, but thankfully that never happened!

My bestie and I have similar jobs – we are both independent sales reps in the Home and Gift industry – so being on bed rest would have really put a damper on business. She’s had a few years to establish her business head of me but being on bed rest meant she wouldn’t have been able to get out and see her customers. Of course her baby had other ideas and was delivered a month and a few weeks early but all in all she was never put on bed rest because of Placenta Previa and being her best friend, I became very well versed in all things Placenta Previa.

Flash forward to almost a month ago when I woke up at 6:20am to a whining puppy. Bella rarely gets up that early but when you gotta go, you gotta go, and I got up to take her outside. While outside I felt like my underwear were wet (I know, totally TMI!) but it’s been a common feeling since I got pregnant and I didn’t think anything of it. I fed the little Bella Bear and started off getting ready for the day. (Side note: Mac wasn’t feeling well so he was sleeping in our downstairs guest room this whole time.) I went to the bathroom and still being a little sleepy, I didn’t realize anything different until I went to go wipe – there was blood everywhere! I’m talking first time period blood (I know so much TMI in this post!!) and completely freaked out. I took off my sleepy shorts and underwear which were soaked, put on a new pair of underwear and figured I would be ok until I called the Dr. later in the day. However, I decided to go to the bathroom again, this time soaked through another pair of underwear and this time a huge chunk of something came out…cue the waterworks. “What in the world was this?!” “Oh my gosh, I have to wear a pad I’m bleeding so much” “This much blood is not good” “Oh my gosh, I have to go to the ER” all went through my head at once and I rushed downstairs to wake up Mac.

Poor Mac was so sleepy confused as I’m crying telling him I’m bleeding and we have to go to the ER but he jumped into action while I tried to call my doctor. It was after hours and my Dr. was supposed to be paged and then call me back in 10 minuets and that didn’t happen (I later found out he was delivering a baby!) we made the executive decision to drive to the ER. I sobbed the whole way there, Mac trying to make me feel better, and I was a mess while I was getting admitted as well. All I could do was think the worst – this much blood is never a good thing – and I was starting to prepare myself to news that we might hear.

The nurses in the ER were amazing and really tried to put me at ease but it wasn’t until a nurse came in with a Fetal Heart Rate Machine that Mac and I were able to relax (and I was able to stop crying). Thank goodness they heard the heartbeat (we both bawled our eyes out when we heard that sweet sound) and then it was just a matter of waiting.

As we waited, nurses and Drs. came in and out to ask me questions, look at the blood clot I brought in (we learned that it wasn’t placenta but a blood clot, thank goodness!) and finally I was rolled into an ultrasound room. During the ultrasound they did both a vaginal and regular ultrasound and after that, we were rolled into another room in the ER to wait yet again.

I have to say, the ER Dr. who was around during all of this was AMAZING! She was pregnant herself and completely understood how we were feeling and what we were going through. She told us that my placenta was 1cm away from my cervix and although it was not complete Placenta Previa, my placenta was low enough where she was comfortable calling it Placenta Previa. She told me that all we can do is hope the placenta moves up and if it doesn’t, I would have to have a scheduled C-section around 35 weeks. It wasn’t until I had my regular OB/GYN appointment where I learned more.

The next day my OB/GYN told me that there really was no explanation for the bleeding since my placenta wasn’t touching my cervix but to be safe she ordered me on light bedrest, pelvic rest, and requested I go see a high risk Dr. to do a level 2 ultrasound. Well crap, light bedrest?! I asked her about a market my industry had the next week and she literally looked at me, cringed, and said she didn’t want me to go. She wrote me a Dr. note and I was off to schedule my high risk Dr. appointment for the next week.

(Side note again, I had another blood clot come on the next day and went back to the Dr. but again heard the same things. The OB/GYN practice I go to has to think I’m crazy but better safe than sorry!)

Anyway, I met with the high risk Dr. and she yet again had no explanation on why I bled. She repeated everything that my normal Dr. said and I’m supposed to see her again in 4 weeks in hope that the placenta has moved up. So, light bed rest until then – what a bummer!!

I know for some light bed rest might seem amazing but as much as I love being on my computer and getting work done, it’s kind of driving me insane! I feel totally fine so in my mind I can move around like normal but I know I have to do what is best for the little nugget. I’m frustrated and annoyed and if you feel the same way, it’s totally normal! Personally, I feel this is two giant steps back for my business after a great five days at the Atlanta Home and Gift show, and I was really hoping to get out and see all of my customers. Long story short, my customers need to see me right now as it’s expected in the Home and Gift industry that the rep visits often, and as a new rep, I need to make this effort. After this little ER stint, there went all my drive to grow my business and there went the better commission checks I was hoping for.

I know things will get better (and they really haven’t been awful this past month of light bed rest – I have gone out once a week to see a customers) but I wanted to share my feelings in case there are other Mammas out there on some sort of bed rest. It’s not easy but I think as a Mom-to-be with a blog, I need to get out there and write about it so others know they aren’t alone. Feeling scared is ok, feeling annoyed and frustrated is ok, and frankly all of your feelings are valid! If you have questions about anything, please do not hesitate to email me or shoot a comment in the comments section. I don’t claim to be a Dr. but I sure want to be a help if I can be! Us Mamma’s have to stick together!!

So all in all, Baby M and I are ok and this Mamma will be taking it slow until I get cleared from this light bed rest. Thank you for reading this novel of a post and more pregnancy updates like a VERY long over-due First Trimester update coming soon!