Christmas Tradition: The Grasshopper

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My family has some fun Christmas traditions but one of my favorites, after we are done singing Silent Night (it was my Great Grandma’s favorite song), is that we always bust out the blender and make Grasshoppers! I was always lucky enough to get a tiny sip when I was younger but the second I turned 21, these have been my favorite thing about our Christmas Eve celebrations!! Here’s how the Townsley family makes theirs.

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First, prepare your materials!  You will need a blender, fancy glasses (it’s not a Christmas Grasshopper until you add a fancy glass!), custard (Hello!  We’re from Wisconsin, only custard will do!  BUT you can use ice cream if you want.  None of this half and half or creme stuff, YUCK!  That is NOT a proper Grasshopper!), creme de menthe (BEST STUFF ON THE PLANET!  And there’s alcohol in there! haha), and last but not least, white creme de cacao.

Step #1: Now, most recipes call for only two or three scoops of ice cream but this family likes their Grasshoppers thick so I would say six or seven scoops will do!  Scoop that in to the blender and proceed to step two!

Step #2: Pour in your liquor!  If you are only using two or three scoops of ice cream pour in one shot of creme de menthe and one shot creme de cacao.  BUT if you are crazy like my family, three or four shots of both will do.  You guys, we REALLY like these things! :)

Step #3: Blend away!

Step #4: Pour into desired glass, garnish with a mint leaf, or candy cane and ENJOY!!

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These Grasshoppers are the best Christmas Eve dessert and fun to share with the entire family (those of drinking age of course) but I think you will agree they are super, super yummy!!


Here’s the full recipe:

1 shot green creme de menthe (3 or 4 depending on how much ice cream or custard you use)
1 shot white creme de cacao (Same as above)
2 scoops vanilla ice cream  (If you like it thicker up to 6 or 7 scoops are best)
Fresh mint sprig or candy cane, for garnish

Place creme de menthe, creme de cacao, and ice cream into a blender. Blend until thick and creamy.

Pour into a fancy glass. Garnish with anything pretty!


SIDE NOTE: If you don’t like mint (first of all, you might be crazy) my family also LOVES Brandy Alexanders.  Just replace the creme de menthe with brandy, add the creme de cacao and ice cream, and you have another yummy Christmas dessert!

Enjoy, start a new family tradition with these fabulous desserts, and have a wonderful holiday season!!!  Merry Christmas!!





  • Lindsey

    A great Christmas tradition!!! Yummy!