Shamrock Shake

St. Patty's Day 002

This year for St. Patrick’s Day I will be in the BEST place to celebrate the holiday, the land of my people, (well, some of my people as I’m a European mutt) IRELAND!!  I’m going for my friend Tommy’s wedding but before I cross the pond, I wanted to to get some St. Patty’s Day inspired recipes out to you all.  As you may know, I am no Giada De Laurentiis but these McDonald’s inspired Shamrock Shakes I found on are exactly the simple recipe I was looking for! With only four ingredients and a five minute prep time, it’s like a leprechaun just snapped his fingers and made these for you! :)

If you are looking for an alcoholic version of these festive drinks, check out my equally yummy Grasshopper recipe.  Enjoy!

St. Patty's Day 001

Ps…Don’t forget the milk!  I used skim milk instead of the recommended 2% and I also added some fun green sprinkles and straws for a festive flair.

St. Patty's Day 008

St. Patty's Day 003

St. Patty's Day 004

St. Patty's Day 008

St. Patty's Day 005

Erin go bragh!






  • Lindsey

    YUM!!!! And super cute!

    • Thank you!! :) And they are! Just like the Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds, but better for you! :)