I|O Urban Roofscape at The Godfrey Hotel

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Ok, let’s be honest with ourselves here, I don’t do enough food posts!  This is a fashion AND lifestyle blog after all!  Well ladies and gents, I hate to admit this but it’s because I’m NEVER in the city!!  Since Mac has been working Saturday’s since, well, I really can’t remember the last Saturday he has been off, I have been driving up to Milwaukee every weekend to see him.  I love seeing him but the only bummer is, I have to miss out on a lot of awesome things happening in the city!  Good news!!  Mac will be moving to Chicago the first week of July and I could not be happier!  For the first time in our relationship we will be living in the same city, which of course means more dates in the city, which ultimately means more food posts!  He’s also fabulous in the kitchen so I plan on doing more recipes too!  See, the man is perfect for me!!

Now on to the fun part…brunch!  Earlier this month I went to the very new and trendy I|O Urban Roofscape at the Godfrey Hotel with two fabulous blogger friends, Christina of Chritiques and Tiffany of Style Sidebar and I have to say I was VERY impressed!  Ok, let me be honest, it doesn’t take much to really impress me (I like to find the positives in everything) but this place was the PERFECT brunch spot!

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First, let me just say, go for the view and the atmosphere and stay for the food.  The food is fantastic but what makes it even better is the modern, sleek, and funky decor and the beautiful, beautiful city views.  Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, this would be a perfect spot to bring some out of towners.  I do have to say though, go early.  Why you ask?  Well, with the restaurant also acting as a bar in a very trendy hotel, it does get a tad bit loud with the music as the afternoon goes on.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to party, but sometimes you just want a quite brunch so I am very, very happy we got early and left right before the rush of people and the loud music!  But really, that was my only complaint.  Other than that, gosh, those views!!  I’m telling you, THE BEST!

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Now on to the food.  I will direct you to Christina’s review on this brunch spot because although I love food, critiques are Christina’s specialty and I just love the way she describes food!  I’m suddenly hungry all over again!!

First, I should explain the brunch.  It was called the Ri|ot Brunch and it consisted of either a mimosa or bloody mary and your choice of three “small” plates for $30.  Pretty good bargin if you ask me because the mimosa was delightful and refreshing and the plates were far from small!  We for sure got our money’s worth!

To start, I had the blueberry lavender mimosa and that my friends, is reason to come back right there!  It was so perfect for a hot and sunny Sunday in Chicago and can we talk about that perfect pink color?!

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My first “plate” was the Summertime Greek Yogurt Parfait.  I adore anything with Greek yogurt so this was a must try menu item for me.  What made this dish for me was the homemade granola and citrus granita.  Boy oh boy was this the perfect way to start off the meal; light, refreshing, and you really could taste the fact that the granola and granita were home made.  I devoured this in seconds.

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My next “small” plate was the Biscuit and Gravy.  Yes folks, that is one big biscuit and it was delish!  Here is where all three of us had a chuckle because these plates were not as small as we were told, they were pretty close to pull portions.  This single house made biscuit with wagyu gravy and fine herb oil was some of the best I have had (and let’s not forget I’m marrying into a Southern family) and I probably could have licked the gravy from the plate.  I restrained myself but it was really, REALLY hard to stay classy at that very moment!

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Last but certainly not least, was probably my favorite dish, the Huevos Rancheros with two chili poached eggs, gringo salsa, guacamole, crispy tortilla, and micro cilantro.  The dish had just about everything I love about Mexican meals and the poached eggs were absoulte perfection!  Again, I could have licked the plate on this one too and I might have if I had another mimosa, but I held myself together and ate like a lady.

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If you live in Chicago or you are just visiting, I would highly recommend you making a brunch reservation at the I|O Urban Roofscape at the Godfrey Hotel and not only take in the beautiful skyline that is Chicago but eat some fantastic food in the process.  Just remember, if you want someone a little quieter, get their early, unless you are a party animal than get there late in the afternoon and stay all night!

What’s your favorite brunch dish??