One of the many reasons I LOVE the Chicago Blogging Community is the fabulous ladies AND guys I have met throughout this crazy journey.  Two of my now friends, Tiffany of Style Side Bar and Christina of Chritiques try to meet up for dinner or drinks every couple of months and earlier this month we went Acadia in the South Loop.  All three of us had been DYING to go and this was the perfect opportunity to finally sample their famous Lobster Roll!  Ok, so I’m getting a head of myself here but I’m so excited to tell you about our experience!!

First of all, I want to send you over to Christina’s blog for a review of the restaurant as well.  Reviewing restaurants is Christina’s bread and butter (yes, pun intended) and she always sound so eloquent when describing the taste of something.

Arcada 1

First, let’s talk about drinks BUT before we talk drinks we must talk about our bartender/waiter Ian.  If you make it to Acadia you must ask for Ian.  I don’t think I have ever met a better server in my life with his awesome personality and his extensive knowledge of food and drinks.  Watching him make our drinks was fascinating oh my gosh, the way he made our Old Fashioned’s (more to come on those in a second) was awesome.  I mean, the man involved fire so, yeah, need I say more?!

The drink above was my first cocktail of the evening and it was a yummy Bellinimo, made with Aperol, sparkling Vouvray, pink peppercorn liquer, and grilled peach ice cubes.  The ice cubes were complexly unexpected (how about I read the description next time, huh!?) but they were my favorite part of the drink.  Grilled peach ice cubes, awesome!!

Arcada 3

Now on to the Old Fashioned. YES!!  For the past year Mac and I have been obsessed with Old Fashioned’s and when Tiff order one for her first drink and after watching Ian make it with FIRE, I knew I had to have one.  It was prepared with prepared with bourbon, smoked vanilla-saffron syrup, and lots of bitters and I have to say, the vanilla-saffron syrup was what made the drink.  It was so refreshing and gave the drink a little more light as opposed to the normal heaviness of an Old Fashioned and I have to say, I would go back just for this drink.  Period.

Arcada 7

We ended the evening with a liquor picked out by Ian (yes, that is a second Old Fashioned!) and I really wish I remembered what is was because it was perfect for the end of our girly, slightly boozy evening.  Hummm, maybe I don’t remember what is was because I had two Old Fashioned’s…

Arcada 2

Now on to the food!!  So first of all, if you are looking for something more casual, I would recommend you eating in the lounge/bar area up front.  The back dining room is for more fine dining with either an 8 course tasting menu or à la carte options but we came for one thing and one thing only, the lobster roll, which you can only get in the front room.  (Ps…the back dining room would make for a PERFECT date night. Hint, hint Mac!) :)

This lobster roll lived up to it’s reputation because it was perfect.  I felt like I was transported to Maine because the lobster was perfectly buttery just like lobster would be.  Now, sometimes lobster rolls can be too mayoy (is that even a word…probably not) but this one had the perfect amount of mayo and spices to make this non-mayo lover VERY happy.  The roll was also perfection with being not only crispy on the outside but soft and full of butter on the inside and oh my gosh those salt and vinegar chips!  Seriously, they brought me back to Ireland and I could have eaten a whole plateful of those things!

Arcada 4

Of course we had to do dessert (three girls with sweet tooth’s, hello!) and we had some brilliant and very innovative desserts.

It was hard to rank the desserts because let’s be honest, its dessert and it’s amazing but I think the plum tart, with vanilla chiboust, matcha (powdered green tea) streusel, and raspberry was my least favorite.  Don’t get me wrong it was still EXCELLENT but I ate around the powdered green tea.  This was Christina’s favorite because she drinks green tea every day so it just goes to show you, every person is different!

Arcada 6

The next was Tiffany’s favorite (and really my family and friends would think it would be mine too because it’s chocolate and OMG IT’S CHOCOLATE) but I had a different all time fav!  BUT before I jump the gun, let’s discuss this chocolaty wonder; the dark chocolate semifreddo, with macadamia, cherry, and caraway cream.  The dark chocolate was creamy and wonderful and really, I could stop there but it really paid well with the tangy, tartness of the cherries to make the perfect dessert.  All in all, I wanted to lick the plate.

Arcada 5Last but not least, we have my unexpected favorite the elotes dessert which was made with sweet corn mousse, blueberries, and cajeta, made from sweetened, caramelized milk.  Sweet corn in a dessert doesn’t sound like it would be all too great but oh my gosh folks, it was incredible!!  The corn was just sweet enough, the mousse was silky and beautiful, and the little hard coating tasted like a sophisticated square of shredded wheat.  Oh, don’t get me started on the cajeta.  So so so good!!

All in all, we had a beautiful time at Acadia not only because of the fabulous food but because of the amazing drinks, brilliant service, and of course, the great company helped as well!  I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone and keep in mind this would make a perfect date night!

Thank you Acadia, we will see you soon!

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  • I looove me an Old Fashioned. It’s not a girly drink at all, but that’s kind of why I like it – it packs a punch! The food looks amazing and your friends sound so sweet! I’ll have to be checking out their blogs now :)

    • Audrey I couldn’t agree more!! It’s the best drink! I don’t know why I love it, but I do!! So yummy!! Great minds think alike!!

  • Wonderful review! I enjoyed reliving our experience all over again! XO

    • Thank you love! Yours was wonderful, as always!! Cannot wait for our next dinner next week!! xoxo

  • Can’t believe I missed this post! Such a great time that night!

    • I can’t believe I missed your comment!! So sorry love!! Cannot wait for our next dinner next week!!!