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A few Fridays ago before Fall decided to grace us with it’s presence, Mac and I decided to have an afternoon meal at a new pizza bar in our hood called The Parlor.  When we moved to the West Loop in August, The Parlor was getting it’s finishing touches and in Septmeber I believe it finally opened.  This pizza bar’s opening was highly anticipated by the folks who live in the hood and needless to say, it has been packed ever since it opened.  In fact, on this random Friday afternoon when people should have been working, it was hoppin’!  So hoppin’ that they may or may not have forgotten about us until I went up to the front to see how much longer we had to wait!  Don’t worry though, Mac and I were at the bar drinking some yummy beers so the wait was not a problem.

First, let me share with you the decor of The Parlor.

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So I normally do not share the decor of a resturant in my food reviews BUT I decided since this was a new place and the inside was so cool, I would share with you all the ambiance.

The decor was very old pizza parlor meets emo/trendy chic.  Wait, does that make sense?!  Anyway, I just really loved the feel of the weathered wood and exposed brick mixed with the old pizzaria leather tufted booths that I just had to share with you all.  What I loved most was the phone charging wall, I mean, how cool!!  My phone was about to die so I just brought it over to the wall, plugged it in, locked it with my own personal 4 numbers, and got my fully charged phone after our meal!  Seriously, so cool!!

Oh, and The Parlor would be a super fun place to watch football on Saturday or Sunday because there were TVs EVERYWHERE!  OH!  And one more thing, the outside patio is fantastic.  It’s a great size, not too big and not too small, and was the perfect place to soak up what was left of summer.  There was a top roof part but from my understanding, that was never open so maybe they will open it next summer!

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Quickly, lets talk booze.  They have a fully stocked bar but they also have a fantastic beer menu that Mac and I took full advantage of.  They do however only get a certain amount of these awesome beers in at a time so when it’s gone, it’s crossed off the list.  Not a problem though because they really do have a fantastic selection of local and craft beers.

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Now, let’s talk FOOD!!  Although a smaller menu, what I really like is the different price points/sizes you can get and create.  Mac and I chose the $14 option because we wanted the Fried Mozzarella and oh my gosh was it the best decision we have ever had!  I wish you could all enjoy the yumminess right now because I’m pretty sure that was the best Fried Mozzarella I have ever had.  The breading was perfectly seasoned and not greasy at all.  Sometimes when things are fried it’s very greasy but these were crispy and wonderful without a trace of grease.

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They also came with three dipping sauces and each one (I’m sorry I don’t remember what the yellow one on the right was) was different and amazing all by it’s self.  So much so, we had to ward off the buss boys from taking the remainder of the sauces so we could use it on our pizza.  Yes, we are that crazy but seriously, taste those sauces and see if you wouldn’t do the same!  I dare you!

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And now, the star of the afternoon, the pizza!  Ok, first, let’s talk about how wood fired pizza is the best.  I’m sorry, deep dish pizza is great but there is something about crispy edges with huge slightly burnt dough bubbles that I just love!  It’s reminds me of my days in Italy and man oh man do I want to go back!

Now, I love anything with meat on it so we got the Abe Froman’s Fave which has house sausage (so flavorful!), roasted red peppers, spinach, and fresh mozzarella.  I have to say, my favorite part of the pizza was the sausage but the combination of the red peppers, spinach, and mozzarella might now be my fav toppings combo!  Everything was fresh, hot, and oh so yummy that I can guarantee you we will be back!

For those of you that live in Chicago, I would highly recommend you visiting the West Loop and eating at The Parlor.  For those of you from out of town, this would be a fun place to go if you are visiting.  PLUS, it’s better than all of those touristy places like Giordano’s and Lou Menotti’s.

The Parlor

108 N. Green Street

Chicago, IL  60607

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