Engagement Pictures by Adam LeSage Photography


As you all probably know by know, I love pictures.  I love the idea of capturing a moment, experience, or feeling in time so when it was time to find a wedding photographer, I knew we had find the right one.  My high school friend, Lindsay, had posted her engagement pictures on Facebook oh goodness, probably a year and a half ago now and I was instantly obsessed.  I came to find out that Adam LeSage Photography was out of Green Bay, Wisconsin and my jaw pretty much dropped to the floor.  Why you ask?!  Because even before we were engaged, I was obsessed with the idea of finding an artsy not cookie cutter photographer for whenever we did get married and the second I saw Lindsay’s pictures, I knew Adam was our guy!

We scheduled our engagement shoot for September 12th in Chicago and of course, out of all the nice days we had that week, that day was supposed to be unseasonably cold and rainy…alllll day.  Well shoot!  There goes my sophisticated date night in the city theme!  As Mac and I waited for Adam and his wife Catie to arrive (They had an AWFUL trip from Green Bay to Chicago because of the rain.  Traffic was a nightmare and it took them way longer than expected to arrive.) I kept praying it would stop raining.  Well, it never did stop raining but I have to say, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!  Adam had a vision and we let him roll with it!!  At one point VERY early in the shoot, I even stopped caring how the rain was destroying my perfect curly hair and you guys, that’s HUGE!!

We started off the shoot on Michigan Ave, went into some random park, avoided the rain for a bit in The Ritz Carlton Chicago, went back in the cold to shoot in the courtyard of a Church (very Sound of Music!), did some more shots on Michigan Ave., walked to the original Water Tower, and FINALLY when the rain really started to come down, ended the night in an alley and got soaking wet!  Really, who knew dumpsters could be sexy!?

All in all, I learned a few things.  First, you can’t control everything so just go with the flow.  And number two, your photographer knows best.  He or she is an artist.  Let them create.  Adam kept asking me if there were shots we wanted to make sure we captured and although I had Pinned MANY engagement shoots on Pinterest, I kept telling him no.  I wanted our moments to be organic, not posed or thought out so by letting Adam run with his vision or whatever popped into his mind, we had the best shoot ever.

Ok, now that I have talked your ear off, if you are getting married any time soon or know anyone who is, I cannot recommend Adam LeSage Photography enough.  Adam, Catie, Kodi, and the whole team are just a delight to work with and really are just some down right good people.  Thank you all so much for creating these memories for us; I still am blown away by the artistry of these pictures.  Oh, and let’s not forgot that Adam is willing to travel world wide so seriously, book this man NOW!!

Thank you again to Adam and the whole gang.  We cannot wait to see how you capture our big day!  Love and thanks many times over!

And now on to the 20 or so pictures!  Sorry for the photo over load!! :)























On Me: Dress: Rent the Runway  ~~  Necklace: Rent the Runway  ~~  Shoes: Corso Como

On Mac: Suit: Calvin Klein  ~~  Shirt: Calvin Klein  ~~  Tie: Nordstrom Rack: Penguin  ~~  Tie Clasp: Norstrom Rack  ~~  Shoes  ~~  Watch: Similar  ~~  Pocket Square: Macy’s 

Thank you again to Adam and Catie for standing the the cold and rain to capture these moments for us!!  You can check Adam LeSage Photography out on their website or their Facebook page.



  • Wow the photos are absolutely stunning!!

  • Britanny, I’m not kidding when I tell you these are my favorite engagement photos I’ve ever seen! I’m totally with you – the rain would have gotten me down too – but it actually adds a whole new layer of texture & light refraction in the images! Props to your hair staying fabulous too!!

    • Oh my gosh!! Thank you so so so much!! I really appreciate your kind words!! We are so happy with how they turned out now the problem is, finding one to frame and put in our house!! :) You are the best! Thank you again! :) xoxo

  • Gail

    Having a hard time figuring out which picture I like best. Love ’em all!

    • Thank you so so much, Gail!! We are having a hard time picking a favorite too!! Adam did such an amazing job! :)

  • Mary Kay LeSage

    Blown away they are so beautiful the story pictures all of it brought tears to my eyes congratulations to the lucky couple and Adam you make me cry and Catie with all the wonderful things you do to make others happy

    • Thank you! They sure do make people happy. My fiance and I are so lucky to have met them. They were a joy to work with and everyone should know how amazing Adam is as photographer!!

  • Katelyn

    One of the most elegant and amazing things I’ve seen! :D