10 Reasons Why Dads Are the Best

The F Bombs - Father's Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday so I wanted to take a moment and not only wish all the Dad’s out there a Happy Father’s Day but I wanted to explain why they are so great! I feel like I could have come up with 50 more reasons but I decided to leave it at an even ten so without further adieu – 10 reasons why Dad’s are the best!

1. The jokes. Dad’s are always there to make you laugh no matter what. If he’s trying to make you feel better, trying to embarrass you in public, or even trying to rile you up before bedtime, Dad’s always have those great zingers that you will remember for years to come. I have so many examples from my own Dad but I’m going to leave it at this – we call my Dad WWD – World Weirdest Dad. Yep. Mic drop.

2. He picks us up when we fall. Dad’s always seem to be there when something bad happens either physically or even mentally. Dad was there to pick you up off the street when you fell off your bike and Dad was there after a boy broke your heart. Dad was and still is our protector in life and always seems to make us feel so much better.

3. For being our role models. I don’t know about you but my Dad is my role model. To see where he came from to what he has made of himself is just extraordinary and I love him for that. Thank you Dad for giving me someone to look up to.

4. He taught us how to play/know sports. OK so this might not be for everyone but it sure is for me! My Dad took me to Bull’s games when I was little and got me into basketball but my FAVORITE sports moments were sitting next to him on the sofa watching football. I probably annoyed the crap out of his asking questions like, “Which color do we want to win?” or “Why did they do that?” or “What does that yellow flag mean” but you guys, I’m so happy my Dad was patient with me and explained the game. Football is my favorite sport of all time and I feel so lucky my Dad taught it to me. (Side note, I know my Mom feels the same way about football because of HER Dad too!)

5. For telling us to go ask Mom. Dad’s never want us to think they are the bad guy and you know what, we love them for it. I’m pretty sure every Dad utters the line “Go ask your Mom” at LEAST once or twice while being a Dad and let’s be honest here, we are totally ok with that!

6. He’s our biggest support system. I have done so many crazy things in my life and my Dad has always been behind me 100%. I decide to major in Musical Theater? He (and my Mom!!) are there front row for every performance. I go into furniture sales, he’s there cheering me on when I score a big deal. I’m absolutely miserable in a job, he’s there helping me decide what to do with my life. I start a blog…You get the idea. Dad’s will always believe in you.

7. Setting the bar high. I remember when I was little, I would tell my Dad I wanted to marry him. Well, as weird as this may sound, my Dad set the precedent on who I would date (and ultimately marry) because I got to see how awesome of a guy he was. I had VERY high standards because well, a Dad is a girls first love, right?!

8. He takes care of the scary stuff. Dad’s are always good for taking a spider outside, catching a bat in a cabin (yes folks my Poppy caught a bat WITH HIS BARE HANDS in our cabin one time), or even talking us through a rain storm but no matter what it is, Dad always seems to save the day! SUPER DAD HERO!!

9. For being hardworking. Watching my Dad (and my Poppy for that matter) work their butts off has been some of the best motivation in the entire world. My Dad never gives up, he finishes what he starts, and he doesn’t take no for an answer and that is so inspiring. I would be so lucky to be half the businesses-person he is today and I’m honored I got to work with him for the almost four years I did.

10. He’s Mister fix-it. My Poppy’s motto is: “If I can’t fix it, it ain’t broke” so yeah, the men in my life know not only how to fix thingsl!! Anything you need fixing or built – don’t worry – Dad’s got your covered!!

Thank you Dad, thank you Poppy, thank you Uncles, and thank you other Father figures I have had in my life, I am who I am because of you. Happy Father’s Day!!