November Neutrals

The F Bombs - Wadrobe Basics - 7

Lately I have been exploring the city with my new boss Jen of Red Soles and Red Wine to take pictures. We usually go out in the morning right after I get to her house/office to take pictures for her blog. She is uber fabulous and always has the best pictures so I was extremely surprised to find out she takes all of her blog photos with her iPhone!

An added plus to helping her take pictures for her blog is that she offers to take my pictures as well. Sometimes I know we are going out to shoot and other times (like this outfit) I did not and I’m so glad I did my hair this day!

The F Bombs - Wadrobe Basics - 2

Jacket: Express  |  T-Shirt: Michael Stars  |  Jeans: Wantable (Love these too!)  |  Shoes: MIA (Love these & these!)  |  Sunnies: Target

The F Bombs - Wadrobe Basics - 6

What I love about Jen and the way she takes her pictures is that she is always looking for a great background. When Mac and I usually take my pictures it’s a super fast, let’s get this done as fast as we can, type of shoot and with Jen, that is far from how it is! We will sometimes drive around for a while until we find the perfect backdrop (her favorite backdrop is doors) and on this day, I fell in LOVE with our photoshoot setting!

The F Bombs - Wadrobe Basics - 3

I took a ton of pictures of Jen and as we were about to wrap up she asked me if I wanted her to take mine. I originally told her no because my outfit was boring but she convinced me otherwise and now I’m so glad she did!

The F Bombs - Wadrobe Basics - 5

The F Bombs - Wadrobe Basics - 1

Sometimes with a blog we strive for the funkiest, cutest outfits and forget about the basics so I’m super glad I didn’t overthink what I was wearing! My favorite combo is jeans and a t-shirt (I think I’m a country girl at heart sometimes!) and when I add heels or my favorite “leather” jacket, it takes the outfit to the next level.

So what am I trying to say in this post? Don’t over think it. Just let it happen and be comfy because when you are comfy you are confident and that’s the sexiest look of all.

The F Bombs - Wadrobe Basics - 4

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