Thanksgiving Sparkle

The F Bombs - Thanksgiving Outfit - 2

I don’t know about you but I love dressing up for the Holidays. However, when it comes to Thanksgiving I usually opt for a more casual outfit because I don’t want to pop out of my clothes due to over eating turkey! So this year, I’m opting for something a little different, something classy, comfy, and stretchy!

The F Bombs - Thanksgiving Outfit - 3

Tee: t+j Designs  |  Skirt: t+j Designs  |  Cape: t+j Designs  |  Sunnies: Target  |  Shoes: DSW (Love these too!)  |  Lipstick: L’ORÉAL Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick: Everlasting Plum

The F Bombs - Thanksgiving Outfit - 5

The F Bombs - Thanksgiving Outfit - 6

This t+j Designs skirt is amazing! The skirt is super sparkly (hello right up my alley!!) and the colors are so vibrant but the best part? It’s stretchy!! That means I can eat all the turkey and stuffing I want and not LOOKED stuffed!! Score one for t+j Designs!!

The F Bombs - Thanksgiving Outfit - 4

The F Bombs - Thanksgiving Outfit - 7

I’m also totally obsessed with this cape. I know I’ve talked about it before but I’m convinced everyone needs it in their closet!! It’s AMAZING!! It’s the perfect fall statement pieces and it makes any outfit look so much more sophisticated. Did I mention it’s only $50?! Yep, the most sophisticated and cost effective piece you might ever own!!

This tee is also perfect for after Thanksgiving shopping! Now, I don’t mean shopping the day of Thanksgiving because you really should be spending time with your family but it’s perfect for Black Friday shopping!! Pair this tee with some jeans and flats and you are ready to run through the stores scoring the best Holiday deals!

So take it from me, your Thanksgiving outfit can be comfy AND sophisticated, I promise!!

The F Bombs - Thanksgiving Outfit - 1