Falling Back to Basics

The F Bombs - Fall Sweater and Vest - 1

Sometimes I’m really good at procrastinating and sometimes I’m just really, really busy and today both of those come into play for this blog post. Normally my posts go up at 7am on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (sometimes Friday if I can squeeze in The F Bombs Friday Finds) but today I just couldn’t do it.

Yesterday was a super busy day for t+j Designs – Jen and I went up to Milwaukee to meet with some amazing companies and introduce them to our line – and by the time I got home I was exhausted! Not to mention I had about 50 emails, I opted to work late instead of write a blog post. Makes sense right?!

So of course I woke up extra early just to write this post but again, started working and the blog post didn’t happen. So do it after work? Well guess what?! I worked late again and when I got home,  the procrastination set in. I told myself I would sit down the second I got home and write this post but I literally sat in front of the computer and did nothing. Not a single thing until 10pm I thought, gosh darnit I have amazing followers and I have to get this done! So here we go!!

The F Bombs - Fall Sweater and Vest - 6

Sweater: Apricot Lane (Loving this, this, and this!)  |  Vest: J.Crew Factory (Similar)  |  Jeans: Old Navy  |  Booties: Shoe Dazzle(Sold Out – GREAT option!!) |  Purse: Old (Similar)  |  Sunnies: Target 

The F Bombs - Fall Sweater and Vest - 8

Really though, thank you all for keeping me motivated!! What would I do without you!?

Seriously though, let’s talk this outfit! I know you’ve probably seen a variation of this all over Instagram but I seriously do not lie when I say it’s my fall uniform. A fall sweater and vest is my absolute favorite combination and it just so happens to be super comfy to boot!

First and foremost you can’t go wrong with a J.Crew vest, they are a fall staple! My advice would be go with the ones from J.Crew Factory because they are more cost effective and the patterns are a little bit more fun, but really any way you go, it’s a fall winner!

The F Bombs - Fall Sweater and Vest - 5

The F Bombs - Fall Sweater and Vest - 3

With the sweater you can go with any color or any fit but my favorite this season is a long tailed neutral sweater. Tucking in your shirt or sweater just in the front is the thing to do now (Seriously, fashionistas totally took a page out of my uniform wearing, trying to break the tucked in polo rule, days) and with a long tailed sweater, it’s easier to do. I love the way a long tailed sweater looks AND it’s the perfect top to wear with a pair of leggings.

The F Bombs - Fall Sweater and Vest - 2

The F Bombs - Fall Sweater and Vest - 7

So what did we learn today? Just suck it up and write (remember that one Britt!) and the perfect fall outfit is are wardrobe staples that never go out of style! Seriously though, please tell me when a sweater and a vest ever went out of style?! I’ll be buying these two piece until I’m 90!!

I hope you all enjoyed your day and I SWEAR I won’t procrastinate again! Love you all!!

The F Bombs - Fall Sweater and Vest - 4