Our Wedding Video: Mann Frau

Lindsey and I are incredibly lucky to have our whole lives on film. From the very second we were born our lives have been on video. You think I’m kidding? My birth is on video folks so yes, from the very second we were born!

One of my sister and I’s favorite pass time when we were growing up was to watch home movies. We have our favorite ones of course (I think my all time favorite is the first time Lindsey got out of her crib all by her self – omg so cute!!) but every single moment that you can think of, is on video. So when it came time to think about a video for our wedding, I knew we could not NOT have one!

My Mom however thought I was crazy! Back when my parents got married almost 40 years ago a wedding video wasn’t even heard of so it took a little bit of convincing (and showing her some amazing videos) to get her to sign off on this. However, no Mother of the Bride can argue with “my birth is on video so I think my wedding should be too” so the wedding videographer search began!

Ok so that was a tad bit dramatic because there really wasn’t a crazy search. I had already made up my mind on who I wanted to capture our wedding day – Benjamin and Kelly of Mann Frau. I found Mann Frau because Benjamin and I went to high school together (ok well he went to the all boys school and I went to the all girls school but you get the idea) and thanks to Facebook, I was able to keep track of what he was up to. After this husband and wife team started their company I was hooked. Every single video they posted I would cry my little eyes out and I just knew I wanted them to shoot my wedding some day. (I’m fully aware how creepy it is since I didn’t know the people in the videos but let’s just move past that for now.)

Just like we I chose Defining78 for our pictures, we picked Mann Frau because of their passion and artistry when it came to their videos. Their videos were different, not cookie cutter, and they captured the essence not only of the day but of the couple as well. What I loved most about their videos was their ability to seamlessly add speaking over the video. The second my Dad’s speech starts to play in our video (spoiler alert!) I lost it. It was the perfect timing, the perfect moment, and one of the most perfect points in my Dad’s speech. In fact, not only does my Dad’s speech show up in the video but my sister’s, Mac’s brother’s, our priest Fr. Mike’s homily, and my Dad’s speech one more time – it was perfect.

As someone told me after they watched the video, it was like watching a movie trailer and I’m just so grateful and honored Benjamin and Kelly captured our day. They are two of the nicest people and an absolute joy to work with and Mac and I are so incredibly lucky to have these memories.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have such a representation of our love and our day and I cannot thank Mann Frau enough for their amazing talents. To anyone who is looking for a videographer, please consider Mann Frau, this is a memory you will want to have to pass down to your children’s children and Benjamin and Kelly are just the people you can trust with those memories.

Thank you, Benjamin and Kelly!! (Ps…Please visit their website or Facebook page to follow them!!) Now sit back, relax, and enjoy our wedding video!!


CEREMONY VENUE: St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church |  RECEPTION VENUE: The Grain Exchange  |  DRESS:Miss Ruby’s Bridal Boutique  |  BELT: Jaxie Bridal |  VEIL: Agnes B. Miles of Love, Lulu Mae |  SHOES & BAG: Kate Spade  |  EARRINGS: Lizzibeth  |  TUX: Calvin Klein via Men’s Warehouse  | GROOMSMEN SUITS: Calvin Klein fromMen’s Warehouse  |  SOCKS: Argyle Socks for Men  |  BOW TIES: Tie Bar  |  BRIDESMAID DRESSES: Rent the Runway  |  PHOTOGRAPHER: Defining78  |  VIDEOGRAPHER: Mann Frau |  FLOWERS: Urban Sense  |  INVITATIONS, PROGRAMS, MENUS, PLACE CARDS, & TABLE NUMBERS: Touch of Whimsy Invitations  |  LIGHTING: Sound by Design  |  LINENS: BBJ Linen  |  BAND: Michael Walters Orchestra  |  CAKE: Baked Custom Desserts  |  CHOCOLATE FAVORS: Fazio’s Chocolates  |  HAIR: Jen and Pam of Chromahair  |  MAKEUP: Shauna and Sepidah of Neroli Salon and Spa  |   CEREMONY MUSICIANS: The Cabaret Project  |  HARPIST: Mary E Keppeler  |  PRIEST: Fr. Mike Bertram