Moonfish Pop-Up + Beermiscuous


Well you guys, I have to admit, I totally wanted to get this post out earlier in the week but I blame the World Series Champs the Chicago Cubs for that – oops! I couldn’t take my eyes off the World Series and I’ve been watching coverage (and stalking Twitter and Facebook) since they won and I have to say, I’m still so exited!! But that’s not what today’s post is about. Today’s post is about an amazing pop-up Boutique that happened to walk into our and! Sales showroom in September, Moonfish.

For those who don’t know I made a career change to be a part of a home and gift rep group back in July (I’m sure I’ll write a blog post about it soon) and I met the ladies of Moonfish while there was a show in our showroom. I’m totally convinced that everything happens for a reason and I have to say, meeting Sarah and Cathy was the highlight of my day! They both were so much fun to work with and I think in this day and age when everyone is so negative and hurtful (hello politics!) it’s so refreshing to meet kind hearted and loving women.

Speaking of kind hearted and loving, that is the mission of the women of Moonfish. While we were in the showroom looking at all of the lines that and! Sales carries, the ladies were drawn to products that had a message. A message to lift people up and be positive and I cannot tell you how much I love that! One of the favorites of the Moonfish ladies was our line called Bops. Bops’ mission is to give back and the ladies ended up buying a number of items that will go back to the women in the countries who made them. If that doesn’t make you feel good, I don’t know what will and I love that it’s important to Moonfish to give back.

So what’s the deal with the Pop up boutique and not a brick and mortar store? Well folks, this is my favorite part! First of all by not having a brick and mortar store, Sarah and Kath are able to bring the latest in fashion, accessories, and gifts at extremely reasonable prices because there is no overhead. The other amazing part is that they get to partner with other local businesses to bring a shopping experience that is unique, fun, and interesting.

This season the local partnership will be with Beermiscuous a local Craft Beer Cafe with hundreds of craft beer on tap and the shopping begins on Thursday November 10th and runs until November 13th. What I absolutely love is that when you go to this event you’re not only supporting Moonfish but you’re supporting Beermisuous as well. Nowadays when there is a big box store next to a big box store, it’s really important to support the local businesses that keep our cities, towns, and country going. 

What also is great about the Moonfish pop up experience is that the first day, Thursday November 10th is by appointment only. How cool is that?! You can have a special one on one experience and your own private shopping experience where the ladies really get to know you and what you like. I think that’s just such a special touch Moonfish adds to this whole fun pop up experience.


If you want to be the first to attend this fabulous pop up, be sure to make an appointment here but don’t worry, you can also attend on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday without an appointment. Also, you need to stay tuned on all the fun that Moonfish will have throughout the year because you never know which local business Moonfish will partner with next! In the past they have partnered with furniture stores and art galleries just to name a few and I know they have so many amazing ideas for the future. 


So here are all the links you need!

Website for future pop-ups and subscription

Make an appointment

I hope to see you there!! Here’s to shopping local! 



  • Moonfishmama

    Thank you Brittany for this post. You have captured the essence of Moonfish perfectly. We are so grateful for your endorsement. ?

  • Looks like such a cute little spot!

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