Our Early Christmas Gift

Santa came early in the McCollum Household and we are so happy to announce that we are pregnant!! The baby is due next June, 2017 and we could not be more excited!

I’m awful at keeping secrets and it’s been so incredibly hard keeping this massive one from everyone so I have to say, it feels so good the cat is out of the bag! Our immediate family has known for a while but I know it’s been hard for them to keep a secret too so now it’s time to shout it from the rooftops! 

I have to say, I feel very lucky and blessed to have a little nugget on the way (We have been calling the baby a nugget because we thought she/he looked like one from the first ultrasound.) because so many couples we know have had a hard time getting pregnant. We are so lucky and blessed and this little nugget is a miracle!

The day I took the pregnancy test was a normal Thursday (or Friday, I can’t remember) and I was home while Mac was at work. A week before I took the two pregnancy tests out of the box and stupidly opened up one of them to take a look. Well, little did I know that these new electronic tests require you to take them in 24 hours or they don’t work anymore so I took the test for “shits and giggles”. The test was negative that time around so a week later when I decided to take another test because we were going to our friend’s wedding that weekend, I was convinced it was going to say “Not Pregnant” again. Well, to my SHOCK it said “Pregnant” and I instantly started pacing our house. I texted one of my best friends if she could talk and I had someone to freak out with other the phone! Mac wasn’t home after all and I needed to get out the news to someone!

Half way through the day I texted Mac that I had an early birthday present for him when he got home and when he got home, he just lingered in the driveway – it was driving me nuts! I finally walked outside and said he needed to come in the house so he could see his present and the first words out of his mouth were “You’re pregnant aren’t you” and I just started to smile and giggle. Tears ensued and later that night we Facetimed both of our families.

Our families are so excited and what I love is this baby is going to have two different experiences with each side. In Mac’s family, this baby will be one of the baby cousins because Mac’s brother and sister both have multiple children. In my family, this baby will be the first and oldest cousin/grandchild but either way, the baby is already so loved!

So will we learn the sex? OF COURSE!! I’m not big on secrets so we want to know as soon as we can! I’m also a planner so I want to be able to plan, decorate, and shop with either a boy or girl in mind.

Well, this post is already super long (sorry!!) but I plan on doing posts every trimester to keep you all updated. The First Trimester post will be up soon so I can give you more updates on what I’m craving and how I’m feeling then – stay tuned!!

Thank you all so much for reading and Merry Christmas to you all!!

Baby McCollum coming 2017!!



  • Kristine Davison Morgan

    Huge congratulations!

  • Sydney85

    Congratulations! All the best. June will be here before you know it!

  • ahh!! So sweet, congrats!!! I’m so happy for you and your growing family!!

    xo, Sarah