Gender Reveal with Paris312!

Normally during a pregnancy the big ultrasound that reveals gender is at 20 weeks but due to some spotting and then bleeding that lead me to the ER (sorry if that was TMI and more on that in a future post) we found out the gender of our little nugget at 17 weeks!

Funny story though, when we found out the gender I was not prepared AT ALL! I went into the Dr. for an unscheduled ultrasound to make sure everything was ok with the nugget and the ultrasound tech had a trainee with her so instead of just doing a quick check up they did a full on check so the trainee could learn. Half way through the ultrasound the tech asked if she would be giving it away if she told me the sex of the baby and without even thinking that Mac wasn’t with me I said “no, I would love to know!” She showed me the infamous “diaper shot” and she told me the baby…

…is a…

…BOY!! My reaction was pure SHOCK as I was convinced we were having a girl (there went the two girl’s names we picked out!! haha) and when I left the appointment, I called Mac instantly! Mac was so so excited as I personally was still coming to terms with the fact we weren’t going to have two girls (I grew up with a sister and I’m telling you, I was convinced we were having a girl) and I called a few other family members to tell the news.

We have already started working on the nursery (and the name!) so stay tuned for updates on the construction of our little guy’s room and also stay tuned for a First Trimester update as well as an update on the reason I was in the ER. I want to share as much about this pregnancy as possible, especially now that I’m “high risk”, because I know there can be so much on the Internet about one topic that can totally freak out a first time Mamma. I just hope I can help out anyone going through the same thing.

All in all, baby boy and I are doing great and for now, I’m on light bed rest until we can figure everything out. Thank you to everyone who has sent us messages, well wishes, and prayers – baby boy is already so so loved!!

Now, I did want to mention these amazing poppers from Paris312!! The company is a local Chicago company – which is amazing – and they were able to customize these poppers with the blue tissue confetti for our gender reveal. If you want to do something similar they can customize the poppers for you as well OR they have these huge balloons that you can pop that will rain down either blue or pink confetti as well.

The company doesn’t just do gender reveal items, they are a full party good store that focuses on ascetics, quality, and convenience. They have tons of amazing party goods that make throwing a baby show, wedding shower, or just fabulous party super easy and they also have an option to create your own party box.┬áThe party box takes all of the guess work out of decorating for a party and seriously y’all their stuff is ADORABLE!! OH, they also have balloon concierge where you can get these amazing HUGE balloons delivered to you in the Chicago area and I’m telling you, your next party will look fantastic!!

Check them out at their website or their beautiful Instagram feed and thank you to Paris312 for sending these super fun poppers – Mac and I had a blast shooting this post!

Gender Reveal with Paris312!



  • Belle Bermudez-Tubel

    What a great idea and looks like a fun party! You look really cute!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  • these are seriously some of the cutest gender reveal photos I’ve ever seen! I looooooove the pop!