My Experience with Placenta Previa








PSA: This is going to be a long post so grab a drink (or if you’re pregnant, grab a snack) and sit back, relax, and enjoy!

When my bestie was pregnant a few months ago, she kept me updated with her appointments and what was going on with the baby. After one appointment around 20 or 21 weeks (I can’t remember) she told me that her Dr. said she had Placenta Previa. Placenta Previa “means that your placenta is lying unusually low in your uterus, next to or covering your cervix” and if found early, it will most likely “move up” and there is no problem. The reason the placenta moves up is because the baby is growing and usually the only reason to worry is if you start bleeding. The bleeding was a concern my bestie had as her Dr. told her if she starts to bleed, she will have to be on bed rest, but thankfully that never happened!

My bestie and I have similar jobs – we are both independent sales reps in the Home and Gift industry – so being on bed rest would have really put a damper on business. She’s had a few years to establish her business head of me but being on bed rest meant she wouldn’t have been able to get out and see her customers. Of course her baby had other ideas and was delivered a month and a few weeks early but all in all she was never put on bed rest because of Placenta Previa and being her best friend, I became very well versed in all things Placenta Previa.

Flash forward to almost a month ago when I woke up at 6:20am to a whining puppy. Bella rarely gets up that early but when you gotta go, you gotta go, and I got up to take her outside. While outside I felt like my underwear were wet (I know, totally TMI!) but it’s been a common feeling since I got pregnant and I didn’t think anything of it. I fed the little Bella Bear and started off getting ready for the day. (Side note: Mac wasn’t feeling well so he was sleeping in our downstairs guest room this whole time.) I went to the bathroom and still being a little sleepy, I didn’t realize anything different until I went to go wipe – there was blood everywhere! I’m talking first time period blood (I know so much TMI in this post!!) and completely freaked out. I took off my sleepy shorts and underwear which were soaked, put on a new pair of underwear and figured I would be ok until I called the Dr. later in the day. However, I decided to go to the bathroom again, this time soaked through another pair of underwear and this time a huge chunk of something came out…cue the waterworks. “What in the world was this?!” “Oh my gosh, I have to wear a pad I’m bleeding so much” “This much blood is not good” “Oh my gosh, I have to go to the ER” all went through my head at once and I rushed downstairs to wake up Mac.

Poor Mac was so sleepy confused as I’m crying telling him I’m bleeding and we have to go to the ER but he jumped into action while I tried to call my doctor. It was after hours and my Dr. was supposed to be paged and then call me back in 10 minuets and that didn’t happen (I later found out he was delivering a baby!) we made the executive decision to drive to the ER. I sobbed the whole way there, Mac trying to make me feel better, and I was a mess while I was getting admitted as well. All I could do was think the worst – this much blood is never a good thing – and I was starting to prepare myself to news that we might hear.

The nurses in the ER were amazing and really tried to put me at ease but it wasn’t until a nurse came in with a Fetal Heart Rate Machine that Mac and I were able to relax (and I was able to stop crying). Thank goodness they heard the heartbeat (we both bawled our eyes out when we heard that sweet sound) and then it was just a matter of waiting.

As we waited, nurses and Drs. came in and out to ask me questions, look at the blood clot I brought in (we learned that it wasn’t placenta but a blood clot, thank goodness!) and finally I was rolled into an ultrasound room. During the ultrasound they did both a vaginal and regular ultrasound and after that, we were rolled into another room in the ER to wait yet again.

I have to say, the ER Dr. who was around during all of this was AMAZING! She was pregnant herself and completely understood how we were feeling and what we were going through. She told us that my placenta was 1cm away from my cervix and although it was not complete Placenta Previa, my placenta was low enough where she was comfortable calling it Placenta Previa. She told me that all we can do is hope the placenta moves up and if it doesn’t, I would have to have a scheduled C-section around 35 weeks. It wasn’t until I had my regular OB/GYN appointment where I learned more.

The next day my OB/GYN told me that there really was no explanation for the bleeding since my placenta wasn’t touching my cervix but to be safe she ordered me on light bedrest, pelvic rest, and requested I go see a high risk Dr. to do a level 2 ultrasound. Well crap, light bedrest?! I asked her about a market my industry had the next week and she literally looked at me, cringed, and said she didn’t want me to go. She wrote me a Dr. note and I was off to schedule my high risk Dr. appointment for the next week.

(Side note again, I had another blood clot come on the next day and went back to the Dr. but again heard the same things. The OB/GYN practice I go to has to think I’m crazy but better safe than sorry!)

Anyway, I met with the high risk Dr. and she yet again had no explanation on why I bled. She repeated everything that my normal Dr. said and I’m supposed to see her again in 4 weeks in hope that the placenta has moved up. So, light bed rest until then – what a bummer!!

I know for some light bed rest might seem amazing but as much as I love being on my computer and getting work done, it’s kind of driving me insane! I feel totally fine so in my mind I can move around like normal but I know I have to do what is best for the little nugget. I’m frustrated and annoyed and if you feel the same way, it’s totally normal! Personally, I feel this is two giant steps back for my business after a great five days at the Atlanta Home and Gift show, and I was really hoping to get out and see all of my customers. Long story short, my customers need to see me right now as it’s expected in the Home and Gift industry that the rep visits often, and as a new rep, I need to make this effort. After this little ER stint, there went all my drive to grow my business and there went the better commission checks I was hoping for.

I know things will get better (and they really haven’t been awful this past month of light bed rest – I have gone out once a week to see a customers) but I wanted to share my feelings in case there are other Mammas out there on some sort of bed rest. It’s not easy but I think as a Mom-to-be with a blog, I need to get out there and write about it so others know they aren’t alone. Feeling scared is ok, feeling annoyed and frustrated is ok, and frankly all of your feelings are valid! If you have questions about anything, please do not hesitate to email me or shoot a comment in the comments section. I don’t claim to be a Dr. but I sure want to be a help if I can be! Us Mamma’s have to stick together!!

So all in all, Baby M and I are ok and this Mamma will be taking it slow until I get cleared from this light bed rest. Thank you for reading this novel of a post and more pregnancy updates like a VERY long over-due First Trimester update coming soon!



  • I’m glad to hear that you and the baby are ok and safe!! My heart goes out and I wish you the best! annnnddddd when this little guy comes, I want to meet him!!!

    xo, Sarah

    • Thank you so much, Sarah, we really appreciate the love!! YES!! Once the little nugget is born he would love to meet you!! HUGS!!