Bump Update: First Trimester

Since I’m already 24 weeks and just three weeks away from my third trimester (eek!) I think this First Trimester Update is WAY over-due! Thanks to our little Placenta Previa ER incident, I kept forgetting to write this post but alas, it is here! Enjoy (and if you have anymore questions, leave them down below!)

When are you due? June 11th

Did you feel sick? YES! I puked a few times (TMI I know!) and I just felt nauseous and gross all the time. I also was super tired.

How are you feeling now? AMAZING! I’m telling you, almost to the day of starting my 2nd trimester I started feeling better. As the 2nd trimester went on, the more food I was able to eat again – it’s been fantastic!

Any cravings? Not really. It was super hard for me to find a food that didn’t make me sick so really anything bland was perfect.

Any food aversions? Yes! Almost everything. I think the big two were eggs and chicken. The smell of them make me dry heave and poor Mac couldn’t figure out what to cook. We didn’t eat great while I was in the 1st trimester only because I wasn’t sure what I could and couldn’t eat until it was in front of me – there was a ton of wasted food during this time.

How tired were you? Very! I never take naps – it’s never been my thing – and I started to take naps around 3pm every day. I seriously don’t know what I would have done if I was in a regular office situation and I’m forever grateful I have a very flexible job.

Did you stop drinking caffeine? I have never been a big caffeine drinker so I wasn’t really giving up anything.

Have you gained any weight? Only 2 lbs. :) However, I wasn’t in great shape to begin with so once baby comes, I’ll be on a kick to get back to a better weight (and yes, I know that will be hard!!)

Favorite Apps or Books? There are a few apps I downloaded and my favorite has been “BabyBump”. It gives me daily and weekly updates on the progress of our little nugget and it has a space where you can take pictures to document your growth. I’ve only taken two pictures thus far but I love

Do you have a theme for the nursery? We do! To get me excited about having a boy Mac sent me a few pictures of baby boy nurseries and we are going with a blue, white, grey, and brown theme.¬†We have completely copied this nursery with it’s wainscoting and blue stripes and I’ve already purchased wicker baskets like this nursery so stay tuned, more updates to come!

Well, that’s it for now! Stay tuned in a few weeks for my Second Trimester Update and keep your fingers crossed, I go see the high risk Doctor today in hopes that I’m cleared from this light bed rest!