Bump Update: Second Trimester

Well, my second trimester has come and gone (I’m 33 weeks and in my third trimester now) so I wanted to update you all and let you know how my second trimester went. Most people say the second trimester is the best but since I was on bed rest for my Placenta Previa I’m thinking my third trimester might be my favorite.

I do have to say, I have been overwhelmed (in a good way!) with the response on my Placenta Previa post. I have received so many messages from friends and readers who went through similar very scary moments like I did and I’m so honored that my post could help them through such a difficult time. It really is a miracle to have a healthy baby and I just thank you all for the love and prayers while we went through what we did.

In good news, I am off the bed rest (yay!!) and I’m back to working and I can honestly say, I’m so relieved. When my high risk doctor said he didn’t have to see me anymore I texted Mac instantly and then celebrated with an everything bagel smothered with cream cheese – it was amazing! But don’t worry folks, I’m still being careful and taking it easy. As much as I would like to work out, I don’t think working out is in the cards for this pregnancy so what I have decided to do is get my walk on! Bella is one happy pup now that we are going on walks and I have to say, I am too!!

Below I have answered a few fun questions about my second trimester:

Sweater: ASOS (I went with the “Tall” to cover the bump)  |  Jeans: Target  |  Shoes: Sole Society (Similar) |  Purse: Prada  |  Sunnies: t+j Designs (Similar)

Did you feel sick? Nope! Thank goodness!! As I mentioned in my 1st trimester update, the second I hit the 2nd trimester I instantly felt better so no more gagging or food aversions!

How are you feeling now? Tired. But I’ll get to that when I write a 3rd trimester update in a few weeks.

Any cravings? Not at all. And I haven’t done any weird food combos too. I’m eating normal and eating eggs again which is awesome!! Oh and I’m eating chicken too!

Any food aversions? I still can’t eat breakfast casserole. Why I don’t know but it sounds so gross to me.


Have you gained any weight? By the end of the second trimester I had gained 18 lbs. which is totally on track to where the doctors think I should be. They say I’m on track to gain between 25-30 lbs. and I think they are about right! We shall see!!

Can you feel the baby? Yes! In the early stages of the second trimester I was feeling what felt like butterflies in my stomach and as the trimester went on the flutters got bigger and bigger where I knew it was the little nugget kicking! It’s such a weird feeling but it’s also very comforting especially with everything we went through to know that he’s a healthy, active baby boy in there!

Have you bought any maternity clothes? In the second trimester I was able to get away with mostly regular sweaters and a couple pairs of maternity pants. Once I get closer to the 3rd trimester and now that I’m full blown 8 months pregnant, I gave in and bought a bunch of clothes on ASOS. More about maternity clothes in a different post but I HIGHLY reccomend ASOS and Ingrid and Isabella!!

Well, that’s it for now! Stay tuned for more pregnancy related posts coming soon! (I promise I’ll get better about posting!! :P)



  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience! As I’m a little into my second tri now, it’s always nice hearing how others were feeling and what to expect! You look adorable too btw! Hope you’re resting and feeling good!
    xo, Jennifer