Comfy Maternity Fashion

Ok guys, I have to be honest here, posing with the bump is super awkward!! I feel like I’ve totally lost my “blogger poses” but oh well, I’m sure it will come back once this basketball is out of me!

Side note, stay tuned for a 3rd trimester update, baby shower(s), baby shower fashion, and baby shower hostess gifts posts coming soon!! 

Anyway, I’m super excited about this look because oh my gosh is it comfy!! The pants are from Ingrid & Isabel  and I’m seriously obsessed! These days I’m all about comfy so if I can wear something that not only is stylish but casual too, I’m all about it.

Joggers: Ingrid & Isabel c/o  |  Shirt: Motherhood (On Sale!)  |  Jacket: Express  |  Shoes: Keds

What I love about joggers is you can dress them down like I did here with sparkly Ked’s OR you can dress them up with heels. I love the look of dressing up joggers for a date night with heels but these days, I’m sticking with the sneakers – sorry!

I also love this look because of the “leather” jacket. It takes the look to the next level and instead of it being super casual it elevates it to a funky look.

Really all in all, I’m so happy to have found Ingrid and Isabel because their clothes are super great quality at great prices! Although these joggers are $70 they are joggers that can be worn after pregnancy as well which is a super huge plus for me so it totally justifies $70!

I’ve had some bad experiences with expensive maternity wear and horrible quality (I’ll keep the name of the store to myself since I don’t want to bash the company but it’s a super common maternity store) and the clothes literally fell apart after only a couple of months and after spending so much money, I was super disappointed. Finding Ingrid and Isabel is a Godsend because the clothes seriously are such great quality! You will never have a problem of anything falling a part and I promise you, you will be super happy with any purchase you make!

So here’s to being comfy while pregnant ladies and stay tuned for more awesome maternity fashion coming soon!! (I’m trying to keep up but I now have so many amazing maternity clothes it’s hard to keep up the posts!!)