Pregnancy Update: Third Trimester

Wow! We are almost there!! At 36 weeks we only have a couple weeks left and considering the little nugget’s head is down, I’m saying he’s coming a week early!

Mac and I keep day dreaming about what he will look like, how he will act, and what kind of a baby he will be and I can honestly say we are excited for his arrival! Now, could someone come and clean our house in preparation?!

In all honesty, we are prepping the house/nursery (I’ve had my hospital bag prepped for two weeks now) so stay tuned for some baby related posts coming soon! Here’s a little bit of how we are doing in the third trimester.

Dress: Ingrid and Isabel c/o  |  Shoes: Shoe Dazzle (Similar, Similar)  |  Purse: Prada  |  Jacket: Old (Similar)  |  Sunnies: t+j Designs

How are you feeling? TIRED!! And all the time! I’m not sleeping at all – either my back hurts, I feel like I’ve ridden a horse and it’s hard to change positions, or I have to go to the bathroom (again!!) – and I’m waking up just sleepy all the time. I know this is normal but man, aren’t I supposed to be sleeping now because the baby will need me to be up every few hours?! These extra pounds are definitely getting to me (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I REALLY wish I could have worked out this pregnancy!) and getting in and out of the car for work is actually a sight to see! I know we are almost at the end but it’s incredible to think I’m going to get a little bigger before the nugget gets here – pray for me! haha

Do you have everything organized? I think we are about 90% done which makes me VERY happy!! All of the clothes have been washed, folded, and put away; the 100+ thank you notes have been written; and all we need to do is put the finishing touches on the nursery. We are trying to organize/clean the rest of the house and I think we will have that done this weekend – thank goodness!

What are you excited about? Meeting this little guy! As I mentioned above, Mac and I are just so excited to see what he looks like and how he acts. Will he look like me or Mac? Will he act like me as a baby (I was and still am a drama queen) or will he be chill like Mac? So many questions and we are just anxious so meet him!

What are you nervous about? Oh my gosh, everything!! I’m nervous about killing him – no seriously, I have Googled “how to not kill your baby”  – but I’m also nervous about raising a boy. I want him to grow up to be a man who is respectful, happy, and kind and frankly, I just hope I’m half the Mom my own Mom is. I know I will learn as we go but I just hope I’m a good Mamma!

Cravings? I’m not really craving anything! I will however, always and forever love anything sweet!

Favorite clothing item? Ooh this is tough!! During the day, dresses are probably the most comfortable but I’m loving a comfy leggings/tunic look these days as well. (Stay tuned for that look on the blog soon!) I’m also loving these joggers from Ingrid and Isabel!

All in all, I’m feeling great (just really sleepy!) and we cannot wait to meet the little guy!! Stay tuned for more fun posts coming soon!