Maternity Shoot with ally + b Photography

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning you know I love pictures! Ever since I can remember my life has been documented with either pictures or videos (you can take a look at our engagement shoot, wedding photos, and wedding video here!)  so when it was time to document our pregnancy I knew I had to find someone spectacular!

Now, I know NOTHING about photography (I need to take a class one of these days to get better!) but ever since our engagement shoot we have been totally and completely spoiled with amazing photography and I was REALLY particular on who I chose to do our maternity shoot. I can’t tell you how many local photographers I reached out to and stalked online because I wanted to find the right person and I’m so so so glad we ended up with Marie of ally + b Photography!

Leading up to our shoot Marie and I spoke on the phone (and tons on Facebook too!) about what we were looking for in a maternity shoot and although I had a vision I really I had nothing crazy in my mind but SUN!! Why sun do you ask?! Well, since it rained on the day we got engaged in Ireland, it rained on our engagement shoot, AND rained on our wedding day I was ready for some pictures that involved the sun and thanks to Marie she was patient enough to re-schedule our shoot two times to get exactly what we wanted – the SUN!!

With our luck after rescheduling the shoot two different times we got a crazy cold day at the end of April (I’m talking get in your car, crank up the heat and your hands are tingly kind of cold) but the sunset was perfect and that’s all that mattered! Marie was so sweet to stay out in the cold with us to get the perfect shots and as weird as it sounds, I’m so obsessed with her photography!!

I’ve always been drawn towards more artistic photographs vs. more traditional photographs and although traditional photos are great for some I like something unique and different and that is exactly what Marie gave us! Not only is she talented but she’s so incredibly sweet to boot and I’m just so happy she is a part of our lives now! She will be taking newborn photos of Wyatt when he arrives and I cannot be more excited but for now, enjoy all 18 photos from our maternity shoot. (I’m sorry for the overload, it was hard for me to narrow down my favorites!)

And thank you Marie of ally + b Photography for your talent!! Please be sure to check her blog post about our maternity session as well as her Facebook and Instagram!

And don’t worry folks, we got the “signature shot”!! It all started in the rain for our engagement shoot and we kept it going every professional shoot we have had! Thank you Marie for your patience while getting this shot and oh my gosh I LOVE the sun in the back!!