Floral Maternity Dress

Ok you guys, we are nearing the end of this pregnancy and I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t excited. At 37 1/2 weeks everything hurts, I can’t sleep, and gasp I found my first stretch mark on my belly!! I know, I know, a stretch mark is a symbol of Motherhood but man I was really hoping I wouldn’t get any!!

All in all Mac and I are just really anxious to meet our little guy and keep day dream about him – will he look like Mac or me, what will his personality be like, will he like breast feeding, will he be a good sleeper, will Bella love her brother – the list goes on and on! Although I’m nervous about actually delivering him (another question, will we have to have a c-section or will everything go “according to plan) I think we are ready. We have all the gear we need, our house isn’t a total reck anymore, and his nursery is done so really all we need is a baby!

Any predictions on when he will grace us with his presence? In the mean time, enjoy this dress from where else, ASOS Maternity!

Dress: ASOS Maternity (Similar) |  Shoes: DSW  |  Purse: Michael Kors (Similar)