What to wear to your Baby Shower

Since we have family in Milwaukee, family in Milwaukee, friends in the city, and friends in the suburbs we ended up having four baby showers. I know it sounds totally crazy but instead of having a shower with 100+ people invited we had four smaller showers and it was perfect!

With four showers comes four different outfits (what did you expect!) so I wanted to share with you the three different dresses I wore. All of the dresses are from ASOS and I couldn’t have been happier with my choices! Also, I’m going to share a few tips for shower outfits with you too so let’s get started shall we?!

Chicago Cabaret Shower

I wore this adorable long sleeve floral ASOS dress (Similar) to our cabaret shower and to make it a little more casual I paired it with booties, a leather jacket, and milkmaid braids.

The booties were a fun touch as this shower was in March and I loved that I was able to take a dress and dress it down.

Milwaukee Family Shower

Notice how I don’t have any pictures here? Yeah, in the moment I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures but for this shower I wore the exact same dress (Another Similar Style) as I did for the cabaret shower but I took a more traditional approach.

I wore this dress with nude strappy sandals, a wore my hair in my signature curls, and finished off the outfit with a huge statement necklace. This shower was more traditional so I figured a more traditional take on this dress was the way to go!

Milwaukee Friends Shower

This dress is the exact style as the navy floral dress and since our theme was “rustic chic” I thought this floral pattern was perfect (Similar)!! I again went the more traditional route with how I styled this dress and went with strappy sandals, curly hair, and a statement necklace.

By the by, my Mom totally made this balloon and I am totally obsessed!!

Chicago Friends Shower

For our Chicago friends shower (our last one!) I wanted to go super dressy but also fit the “rustic chic” theme so when I found this off the shoulder floral dress from ASOS (Similar!) I knew it had to be the dress!

This dress I ended up wearing a lot – I had a Derby themed event to go to and we had one of our best friend’s weddings to attend – so this dress got a run for it’s money! Speaking of money, it was only $60 so totally worth the “investment”.

Again, I paired this dress with the same strappy sandals (when something works just go with it, right?!), and the same lose curls, but this time I went with a simple necklace as to not take away from the adorable neckline.

All in all, I was super happy with all four outfits for my showers because they were all comfy, adorable, and fit a theme – I love a theme!!

Oh and my tips for a good shower dress? Ok well I really just have two so here we go:

  1. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! If you want to wear a jumpsuit, go for it! If you want to wear a maxi dress, do it! It’s your day and people are celebrating YOU so enjoy what you wear!!
  2. Wear something a tad bit longer. I’m not saying the dresses have to be pas the knee like all of these dresses but consider the fact that you will be sitting, bending over to pick up presents, moving presents around, and probably not thinking of keeping your knees together. I have to say, going with longer dresses for our baby shower was super smart because keeping legs together is slowly becoming a struggle (thanks bump and the extra weight) and NO ONE needs to see your undies! :P

And with that, I shall end this post because what’s a more epic way to end a post than to type “undies”!



  • I swear you are the cutest pregnant girl ever! I love all of these bright floral dresses on you. I hope you’re feeling good and resting up mama!

    • Thank you so much, love!! You are too sweet!! I totally forgot to take real blog photos during the showers but I had to share these awesome ASOS dresses! Hugs to you!!