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Welcome all you Fabulous Folks!

First, let me catch my breath, step back, relax, and reflect that I now have a blog……..Feels good!! Thanks for that!

My name is Brittany and I’m a late 20 something gal who has lived in the Fabulous city of Chicago for, count them, 10 years!  I feel like it was just yesterday I drove (well, my parents drove me) down to the big city from Wisconsin so I could major in Musical Theater at Columbia College of Chicago.  After 4 pretty spectacular years I decided, “Why leave?!” so here we are today!

I’m a pretty eclectic gal who loves not only dressing up in Fantastic dresses, shoes, and accessories but I love theater and most importantlyFOOTBALL!  I know, weird combination, but you must know that no matter how “girly” you are, growing up in Wisconsin means you are born and raised to love football…but not just any football team but the GREEN BAY PACKERS!  If you are ever in Chicago on a Sunday I’m the one screaming at the TV with a Miller Lite in my hand.  See, I told you, Wisconsin gal!

Why The F Bombs?

When thinking about this blog I named off all the things I love; Fashion, Food, Football, makeup, theater, and thought “Umm that’s a few F things, I wonder if I could do something F related”.  I brought this thought up while I was getting my hair done and the woman who has made my hair beautiful since high school started throwing out ideas and F Bomb was one of them.  I then thought of F words for makeup (Face) and theater (Fourth Wall) and The F Bombs was born!  So a HUGE thank you goes to the ever Fabulous Jennifer Llanas of Chromahair for the Fantastic idea!!

While I’m thanking people a HUGE thank you also goes to my sister, Lindsey, who helped me come up with this concept!  She has been super supportive on the this blog idea so thank you Boo Bear! (Yep, I call my sister Boo Bear).  Not only is my sister amazing but so are my parents.  Thank you Mamma and Daddio for supporting this crazy idea as well!  And last but not least thank you to my boyfriend, Mac.  He’s pretty awesome not only because he thought this was a great idea but because he switched out my Fantasy Football players while I was working on this blog.  I think he’s a keeper!

One more shout out!  Thank you so much to my Friends Elena and Erin for inspiring me and helping me on this blog journey!  Please check out their blogs; A New York Love Affair and The Law Student’s Wife!

What should I expect from The F Bombs? 

Fantastic, Fabulous, Foxy, Fun! That’s what you should expect!  No really, I’m a pretty Fun gal and I want this blog to be a reflection of my crazy self!

As far as the Fashion part is concerned, I would consider my style classically stylish.  To me that means owning pieces that will be in style for a long time but also pairing those with trendy pieces that might be out of style next season.  Once I find a piece I LOVE I wear it to death BUT I enjoy mixing and matching so I’m not wearing the same outfit over and over.

As for my makeup and hair, I like to play around but keep it simple at the same time.  I would love this blog to help me push my boundaries and try new makeup and hair styles…keep me to that promise everyone!!

When it comes to theater and Football, I will never claim to be a critic or an ESPN analyst so please don’t expect that!  I’m going to write about both theater and football the way I know how, in simple Fun terms!  Oh! I’m also part of two theater companies here in Chicago, The Cabaret Project and Bailiwick Chicago, so I’ll be talking about the shows I’m in and Fabulous times with them!

Well, that’s me! Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy!!



  • Can’t wait to hear more from you, Britt!! And thanks for the shout out!!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  • Congrats on your launch! I know what a labor of love it was when I launched socialtechpop.com 3 years ago! Can’t believe it’s been that long but believe me it’s totally worth the journey! CONGRATS!

    • Thank you so so much love!! Your support means the world!! 3 years ago!? WOW!! Congratulations on that and ALL your successes!! Love you!

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